The First Free-To-Play Pac-Man Arrives With A Tournament Twist

Realising that while we'll always hold the original in the highest regard, no one wants to buy plain-old Pac-Man anymore, Namco Bandai has set the original arcade game free on Android, with a competitive way to get players to pay a little extra.

Pac-Man + Tournaments is the original arcade game with a little something extra for fans that want to put their money where their pizza-shaped yellow mouth is. Each week will see a new tournament with a fresh game board, with players around the world competing for a spot on top of the leaderboards. Coming out on top could score them cool-ish prizes, like plush Ghost toys or whatever else Namco Bandai has sitting about their warehouses.

What's the catch? You only get one tournament token a day. After that you've got to buy them — $.99 gets you 10, $9.99 gets you 500.

I won't be entering the tourneys, as my Pac-Mastery is beyond question (or I suck), but I would never say know to a free, arcade-faithful port of the classic dot-muncher.


    Just gave it a try and my god the controls are awful. =(

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