The Game Grumps Will Eventually Be The Game Gramps

Are you guys aware of the Game Grumps, a team made up of YouTube personalities Aaron (known as egoraptor) and Jon (known as JonTron)? They're great. They play through (mostly) old and horrible games and record their shenanigans for the internet.

Sometimes, animators and Source filmmakers recreate these shenanigans in even more hilarious ways.

But one day, like all of us, the Game Grumps will get old. And they might still be doing their series, but they might be calling it the Game Gramps by then. YouTube animator Ukinojoe represents this in his own style in the video above, which is about as depressing as it is funny.


    Um. As an avid watcher of them, I believe it is spelled *Arin.

      it's actual "jbon" with a "B" and "asrin" with an "s", the "B" and "s" are silent.

    I prefer Two Best Friends. Game Grumps seem to lose thier humour the longer they play the game. I can't even watch their Sonic 06 playthrough anymore because they've just got nothing.

      Agreed, Two Best Friends Play is simply the best. I've watched some of their playthroughs, and they never disappoint. Nice to just sit down and listen to them ramble haha

    I've tried to get into Game Grumps on 4 seperate occasions now. I just can't, do not find it funny, interesting or informative in the least. I understand it's easier to just talk s**t with friends while gaming than put hours upon hours of work into something as brilliant as sequelitis or even animating some semi amusing shorts, but the thing is I can talk s**t while gaming with my own friends and it's much more enjoyable due to the interactivity, similar humour and in jokes.

    Also is egoraptor even still claiming to be working on a new sequelitis anymore? I know he was for a long long long time, but I've pretty much stopped checking for it.

      I used to be like that, and I only really watched a video or two if the game they played was one I, myself liked, but once I watched Sonic '06 part 20 (Without having watched any prior for more than a minute), I was hooked beyond belief. Most episodes are kinda' boring, but there are some amazing moments to be had.

      Also, he does say he's working on it, but he also says that he's rarely in the mood to animate nowadays.

    The only good thing about Game Grumps are the parodies their Newgrounds buddies make of them

    I strongly disagree with you detractors. Game Grumps is a hilarious Internet series Egoraptor and JonTron have created. I find 2BFs too boring, and slightly annoying, sometimes recycling the same jokes over and over again.

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