The Kickstarter Game Delver's Drop Needs To Get Made, If Only For Its Wonderful Music

Development on Delver's Drop has been going since before last September, which is when Kotaku spent an entire video calling it "Deliver's Drop". Pixelscopic has turned to Kickstarter for funding, and with 10 days left to go they've already got over two thirds of their goal. Looking good, people!

I was immediately attracted to the game's art style, but it was the music that really grabbed me. Such sweet sounds! I've got some reservations when it comes to randomly generated dungeons, but I think I can look past that if it means getting to hear that soundtrack all the time.

Delver's Drop [Kickstarter, thanks Spacerik]


    the link at the bottom still works though,

    just not the preview thing

    No. Have you any idea how many Kickstarter projects I'm backing at the moment? And now you're trying to entice me into backing another? No. >_


      It's a really nice concept/game :D

    Aww man... I just went and put $80 into Deliver's Drop before reading this. :(

    This looks seriously awesome... I'm in and I really hope it gets over the line!

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