The Matrix Animated And Condensed Into 60 Seconds

It's been a long while since I watched the Matrix movies, but watching this 'speedrun' rendition by 1A4STUDIO brings it all back to me — including how silly and absurd some parts of the films are.

Also, obviously, the bullet time in the movies is rather 'video gamey', but this highlights that those aren't the only things that come off that way. What really makes this is the bevy of small, cutesy details.

Speedrun: Matrix in 60 seconds [1A4STUDIO]


    One of the greatest movies of all times, I really wish the 2nd and 3rd were never produced though....

      The highway sequence was entertaining, the rest was just silly.

        dbz vs matrix comparison

      True I guess... But I did enjoy the mechs in the third movie. Concentrating fire... RELOAD!

      I enjoyed the second just as much as the first, maybe even better than the first. I can see how some would have a problem with the third, but I really thought it was a satisfying ending to an amazing trilogy.

    That was f*ckin awesome! Stick Figure Death Theatre has come along way since Netscape Navigator :D The Original Flash Portal!

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