The Miiverse Is Way More Exciting Than This Presentation Room

The Miiverse Is Way More Exciting Than This Presentation Room

The Wii U is a wonderful console. And its Miiverse is a hive of fun! But, according to a photo on Japanese site Game Watch Impress, Nintendo’s Miiverse presentation at the Game Developers Conference looked… sparse.

Hey! There are lots of presentations at GDC. Not every one of them will be packed. Game Watch Impress did note that the rather empty audience at this one did stand out. Numerous Japanese game sites are doing likewise. Those mean people.

The folks in attendance did get to hear about the Miiverse being slated for smartphones and PCs in May. Can you feel the energy in this room? Can you?

任天堂、Wii U「Miiverse」の活用事例を公開 [Game Watch Impress]


  • Nintendo is huge trouble this gen. It’s not because (shock horror) developers don’t give a shit about their Miiverse, but because there is so little 3rd party support and even Nintendo is lagging with support. They will not reproduce the freak success of the Wii.

    The “they have sold more than ever” argument doesn’t wash. There are enough die hard Nintendo fans to sell initial shipments. talk to me after 2 years. I can guarantee sales will have dropped off and developers will be releasing second rate ports of PS4/Xbox 3 games resulting in people wondering why they should buy a WiiU? Obviously the answer is they shouldn’t. After only a few months of PS4/Xbox 3 games the WiiU will only be bought by stupid people.

    For Nintendo to think they can just repeat the same success with next to no improvement in services shows how incompetent they have become. When some one sees what a PS4 can do and looks at the WiiU, they will laugh at the WiiU. What blows me away, is the lack of reporting of how badly Nintendo messed up. Compare it to similar mistakes Sony made this generation in 2007. People were death riding Sony. Nintendo gets a free pass.

    This will not be the end of Nintendo, they have way too much cash, but if they do not sort something out, like spending huge cash on major title exclusives or release a console that comes closer to the PS4/Xbox3 they will be lost for a whole generation. When you look at the console sales this gen (~240 million), then extrapolate that for the next generation, I can see PS4/Xbox3 getting around 100+ million each and WiU getting less than half that. Which is relegation to the pastures in market share terms.

    • You honestly think both PS4 and Xbox3 are going to get over 100 million consoles when both are barely at 75 million after, what? 6 or 7 years?

      You’re an idiot. No seriously, it an absurd conclusion to make when you consider how much these consoles are going to cost and how long it took the ps3 and 360 to actually start selling in huge quantities.

      In relation to the launch of the other consoles let’s look at a couple things; this is the first time pretty much ever we’ve had two similarly powerful consoles released at the same time – people aren’t going to be getting both of them for years. And no matter what analysts may say the PS4 is not going to be released for anything under $500US and knowing how much we’re gouged in Aus its going to be at least $700 considering how much they want to put in with it and Xbox isn’t going to be that much less.

      They’re (as in both Sony and Microsoft) gonna have just as much trouble as Nintendo – even more considering what we know about their backwards compatability and the cross gen games getting released. People aren’t going to want to buy the new PS4 when the last of us, beyond, watchdogs and gta are all being released on PS3 (and Xbox where applicable).

      “Compare it to similar mistakes Sony made this generation in 2007. People were death riding Sony. Nintendo gets a free pass.”

      Nintendo NEVER gets a free pass in this industry, EVERYONE loves to sit in a circle and rag on Nintendo, they’re kiddy, they’re not ‘cool’ or ‘hardcore’ the 3ds is going to be outsold by a mile, the wii’s a piece of $hit and they need to go 3rd party and become software only, they’re going to go bankrupt and be forced to go 3rd party and blah blah blah.

      More than likely after the first couple AAA xbox and ps4 games when they aren’t selling over 5 million copies since that’s what they’re going to need to be profitable (since that’s what some of them need NOW) those developers are going to wake up and realise that the wii u aint such a bad platform for cheaper mid range games that are cheaper to make and easier to sell – like wonderful 101 and lego city.

      Oh and one more thing, going back over console sales – 50 million isn’t bad when your making a profit after the second or 3rd game AT LAUNCH. Nintendo would be happy with 50 million consoles, it might be a bit on the low side but I can gaurentee they’ll be making more money off of those 50 million than Sony or Xbox would off of 80 or 90 million if they need to take a hit anything like they did when they launched the ps3 (fyi Sony was losing over $200us at launch on an $600us console – i call that a bad business decision)

      Umm wow this is actually rather long…. sorry about that
      tl:dr Nintendo is in no way anywhere near dire straits either as a company or with the wii u and a lot of people are going to be eating crow once the ps4 and new Xbox get released

      • It’s well with in the realm of possibility to achieve 100+ million each if there is only two competitive racers. Especially if the generation lasts 7-8 years… just like this generation has. As for the price, I think you’ll find people are becoming more wealthy and are willing to spend again, consumer confidence is up everywhere, except Cyprus. If they do cost $US500 at launch, that will only be an issue if people are not willing to pay it. People will pay what they think it’s worth, If they feel the services , games and graphics are worth it, they will pay it. Right now people do not think the WiiU is worth it, and how on earth does it become worth it as the competition continue to get better once the PS4/Xbox 3 are released.

        The PS4/Xbox3 will have mid range games, they do now, it’s called XBLA and PSN. In the next gen they will be even more important. The industry appears to be heading towards a few huge titles and a bunch of cool mid range titles. These mid range titles rely on the AAAs selling consoles, because PSN/XBLA games don’t really sell consoles, as they aren’t advertised in the mainstream. These huge, usually third party, games are key.

        Sony felt the backlash to their hubris, and have changed tack (they did half way through this gen). They now lean towards services like PSN, and PS+. Microsoft did that from the get go and have refined it. What has Nintendo done? they got blasted for having pathetic online in the last gen and now their current effort barely meets the current gen standard. Now there is a possibility it can changed, but does it have the capability. The PS4 service is nuts, and you can expect the Xbox3 service to be even better.

        50 million will make the console profitable, I’m petty sure it is now isn’t it? but it could be relegated to 1/5 of market share, 20 percent. The Wii achieved 40% at the moment, how do they just stump up and say we’ve lost half our revenue stream? Sony did and they just get by, because they have many ways of earning money. Ninteno will not be happy with halving their revenue. There is no way to spin that.

        Like I said, they aren’t doomed, but they are staring down the barrel of a serious sidelining… for up to 8 years.

        • I’m convinced that the new consoles’ toughest competition will be from…

          360 and PS3!

          Think about it, just announced last night Metal Gear Solid V (PS3/360), Battlefield 4 (PS3/360), Saints Row IV (PS3/360), Assassin’s Creed IV (PS3/360/WiiU), GTA V (PS3/360), Watch Dogs (PS3/360/WiiU), Splinter Cell Blacklist (360/PS3) these are all killer apps and none of them are exclusive to the new hardware, what reason does a player have to upgrade?

          Now granted, by the end of this year (if the 3DS is any guide) we could have Mario Kart U and something else pants-wettingly good from Nintendo and that (coupled with the fact that some devs – not EA but who cares about them – are supporting the Wii U) would convince me to drop $400 on a system, unless the new Xbox or PS4 are

          a) in the $400 ballpark – more than that for a new console is out of my price range (I paid $200 for my 360!)
          b) Microsoft somehow comes out with a console that refutes the myriad of bad leaks that have surfaced so far

          • ^ THIS. there’s so much still being released that very few people are going to buy a ps4 or nextbox during the holidays (especially if its $500us) because so much stuff is still coming to ps3 and that at $60US.

            And honestly your going to have just as much of a launch drought as the wii u. Besides, like you @akira22 said, sony and microsoft rely on 3rd party’s to sell their consoles. Nintendo doesn’t, they rely on their first party stuff which is always gaurenteed to sell and to sell over a long period of time, obviously only having New Mario U and Nintendoland as their main 1st party software wasn’t going to buoy the system for four months but look at it this way. Nintendo’s sold about 3 Million consoles in 4 months right? Sony’s sold about 4.5 million Vitas in a year and a half or there abouts. We’ve JUST got NFS, Lego City and Monster Hunter. That’s going to affect sales and (fingers crossed) we’ll get more info about W101 and Pikmin 3 and dragonquest X releasing (if Nintendo’s smart) during end of april and throughout may.

            The gamecube was profitable and it only had 22million consoles – that’s why i said that Nintendo’ll be happy with 50million. You say Sony felt the backlash to their hubris and then they went and released the Vita which is tanking for them because of the high price of the system. You say that others are willing to spend 500 on a console and that consumer confidence is high. It is here in australia which never went through a recession but not in the UK and not in the US. not as high as they were by any means.

            Honestly i read a couple good articles recently (If a couple months old in some cases though still highly relevant) which talk about the industry and where it may be going. they talk about the adoption of consoles in this gen and what it means for the upcoming one, the costs of game developments (which while from 6 months ago makes for interesting reading considering squares sales of tomb raider and the like coupled with the words of that Ubisoft rep who said something about there only being room for 10 AAA games a year) and the losses that the ps3 brought sony and just how much Kaz has to do to pull stuff around – reading it and then hearing about the ps4 – it doesn’t inspire much hope in me…




          • I couldn’t agree more. If the PS4 was backwards compatible, I’d probably have one on launch at the $700 price tag….I couldn’t help myself. My ps3 died at the end of last year and I bought a Wii U. I was desperately hoping for the next gen consoles to be BC so I could upgrade and not miss this years awesome games. Now, I’m seriously considering buying another ps3 cause I know there won’t be a real reason for me to get a ps4 for another couple years……when the new games are half decent.

          • Not to mention there’ll be more games just in general. Game development is getting both longer and more expensive which means there is quite simply going to be less games released compared to this and last gen (I’m referring to AAA and large studio games not indie games). I mean already you’ve got 600 to 800 people working on AC to get one out every year

      • I said once the PS4/Xbox3 comes out. To spent hundreds of dollars to play a few games is a little silly, I understand though, those games are good.

        Search deep down in your soul, are you actually happy you have a WiiU? And be honest with yourself, you are happy that 3rd party support is dwindling, that Unreal Engine 4 won’t be supported. If you are sitting there saying the only games you are excited for are PIkmin 3, SSB and Zelda I’m afraid you are part of the problem for Nintendo. Their console is not attractive because it’s a stone cold fact owners buy very few 3rd party games. How does a console thrive if publishers do not want a bar of it? It doesn’t.

        • To be frank, I’m not exactly happy with the console at the moment but I’m not disappointed either. I bought it because it was super cheap and was getting one regardless. I have a Wii U for one reason that many people buy any console : to play exclusives. Any other 3rd party game that would be available on the system I’d prefer to play on PC since they’re available on all platforms. I couldn’t really care less that UE4 isn’t going to be supported because it doesn’t affect me.

    • I’m so sick of people saying the wiiU is in trouble. You obviously have no memory of any other new consoles. Also, to say the wiiU is like any other console is a joke. I bet you are waiting for the “awesome” power of the ps4. Now there is a console that will be that same as every other play station, except for all the features they steal from Nintendo (share button-mii verse. Wand-wiimote. And there are more)

      • It’s in trouble. Don’t delude yourself. Share button, what share button? The Miiverse is a complete rip-off of PlayStation home. Look where motion controls went, dead end. I wish the PS4 and Xbox 3 would drop them, they are hopeless, but it’s a perceived value add.

        Wii U is dead to 3rd parties. I hope you enjoy playing 1st party only in the coming years, because that’s all there will be. Nothing will stop the fact Nintendo just released a console to compete with the PS3 and 360. When the next generation come in people are quite literally going to look at the PS4/Xbox3 and see the future, if they even look a the Wii U display they will then scoff that it’s old news.

        If the Wii U does become a mild success, then the PS3/360 will benefit because companies will be down porting for Wii U, so they may as well do it for PS3/360. Free money for Sony and MS to inject into their services, further extending the gargantuan lead.

        • I do get some of your points but the fact remains that Nintendo sells more consoles than anyone else and it has never been backed by that many developers. Its just not in the same race as the ps and Xbox. And I think that that’s a brilliant move.

          Oh and Nintendo are not in trouble at all, look at sonys profits, if the ps4 doesn’t sell they will be in way more trouble than Nintendo. And hey, I’m not buying a console $900. Not many people will or can.

          • The Wii sold lots of consoles that didn’t turn into success for the 3rd parties, because Wii console sales didn’t turn into Wii software sales (3rd party in particular). Sony is in doodoo too, deep doodoo, but they are doubling down on PS4, in the way they should have with the PS3. Sony chose to coast it in with the PS3 as Nintendo has with the Wii U. It cost them dearly.

        • I do get some of your points but the fact remains that Nintendo sells more consoles than anyone else and it has never been backed by that many developers. Its just not in the same race as the ps and Xbox. And I think that that’s a brilliant move.

          Oh and Nintendo are not in trouble at all, look at sonys profits, if the ps4 doesn’t sell they will be in way more trouble than Nintendo. And hey, I’m not buying a console $900. Not many people will or can.

          I also hate motion controls. Hate the wii. WiiU gamepad is amazing. I have never enjoyed games more.

  • Seriously? And how do we not know that this pic was taken BEFORE the event started? Doesn’t seem like they’re doing much presenting at this time anyway.

    • It wasn’t likely to be before, as they’ve already got the miiverse on screen. If Nintendo’s E3 presentations (as well as the handful of other Nintendo presentations I’ve seen) are anything to go by, then before the presentation there wouldn’t be anything more than a logo on screen, if that.

      • But that’s not really miiverse. that’s the wii u home screen which they could have easily started up 5 or 10 mins before the show.

        I’m not denying it could be the show as like you’ve said you’ve been at a couple of Nintendo’s shows and i’ll admit I haven’t. I just see the pic as being rather strange

  • This photo’s total bull. You can easily tell it was taken before or after the conference. The Nintendo guys are basically talking to each other and preparing to leave or start.

  • No need to argue. The fact is, “the Wii u is a flop”. It just did not catch the publishers and the public attention and the reality is that next to no games are gonna be released for it. I would like to say to Nintendo that since they have a good share of the portable console market they should keep at it and try their innovation that way. You played your card with the WiiU home console and this time around the message did not go through. better luck next time.

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