The Most Awesome Video Game Dog Companions

Just like cats, man’s best friend is a returning character in every genre. We’ve selected those video game dogs — from games both old and new — which are usually portrayed as companions; sidekicks who can both help us with minor tasks and save our asses in difficult situations.

Rush (Mega Man series)

Angelo (Final Fantasy VIII)

The Not-So-Awesome Dog in Duck Hunt

K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing series)

Dogmeat (Fallout 1-3)

Bladewolf (Metal Gear Rising)

Sam (Sam & Max)

Poppy (Samurai Shodown series)

Boney (Mother 3)

Our Dog in Fable II and III

Which other dog companion would you choose as the coolest? You should post your picks with visual support in the comments below.

Sources: lucasta’s fanart on Deviantart, Metal Gear Wiki, FF Wiki, TASVideos, CuteFloor’s LP, NintyWorld, Fallout Wiki, gametrax, batman9502’s LP, TehVGG’s LP

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