The Most Awesome Video Game Dog Companions

The Most Awesome Video Game Dog Companions

Just like cats, man’s best friend is a returning character in every genre. We’ve selected those video game dogs — from games both old and new — which are usually portrayed as companions; sidekicks who can both help us with minor tasks and save our asses in difficult situations.

Rush (Mega Man series)


Angelo (Final Fantasy VIII)


The Not-So-Awesome Dog in Duck Hunt


K.K. Slider (Animal Crossing series)


Dogmeat (Fallout 1-3)


Bladewolf (Metal Gear Rising)


Sam (Sam & Max)


Poppy (Samurai Shodown series)


Boney (Mother 3)


Our Dog in Fable II and III


Which other dog companion would you choose as the coolest? You should post your picks with visual support in the comments below.

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  • Hewie from Hunting Grounds. Hunting Grounds is an obscure survival horror game that came out just before Resident Evil 4 but still used tank controls with fixed cameras. There’s an excellent Let’s Play on Something Awful for it (or check if it’s up yet). Your companion is Hewie the dog who throughout the game you must feed and praise to ensure his faithfulness, and he kicks arse the whole way through. A+++ top dog would pat again.

  • R.I.P Dogmeat. I was exploring a bandit infested supermarket and I told him to stay at the door in case it was too dangerous. When I was at the other end of the supermarket, having cleared out a few bandits, some more came through the front door. I heard barking and gunfire but it didn’t last for long.

    He took down a few of them before he died. I showed no mercy to the remaining bandits.

    RIP bandits.

    • Big respect. When my pup or Horse are taken out by some low-life assholes in Skyrim (Even Red Dead), I too make sure they suffer greatly before their demise.

      And their families also…

      Moral of the story: Do not fuck with my dog.

  • This list is automatic fail from the start.


    The one and only dog from Shadow Dancer! Joes Dog was the original dog companion! It disabled and killed enemies FOR you! It reduced to a puppy! It was one of the original sidekicks!

    HOW THE HELL did it not make it into this list, ABOVE all others.

    PS. Dogmeat is in New Vegas as well btw.

  • How is Duck Hunt Dog on this list? That’s the worst dog in Video Games History. Most people refer to him as Arsehole dog.

    @weresmurf, one of my favourite games and I forgot about it. I do have a lot on my mind but it was an awesome game and that was one faithful pooch.

    • DOG!
      Great game, and it was fun how he evolved in the different levels and could sniff out ingredients for you. Laser Toaster FTW

  • The Great Grey Wolf Sif from Dark Souls is your companion for a battle in the extra content (i have the Prepare To Die Edition)
    Spoilers for game ahead
    Which is why its a shame when you have to eventually kill him.

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