The Most Comfortable Inns, Bars And Taverns In Video Games

The Most Comfortable Inns, Bars And Taverns In Video Games

Earlier this month we visited taverns and bars that are noisy and dangerous.

Now it is time to look for their exact opposite: The coziest, most calm, most peaceful places to hang out. Places that focus more on the relaxed atmosphere, the music, and advancing the game’s story, rather than getting our characters in trouble.

The Gates of Hell (Bayonetta)


Stray Sheep (Catherine)


Lumpy Pumpkin (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)


The Blue Casket (Grim Fandango)


Pig and Whistle Tavern (World of Warcraft)


Bantam Bar (Yakuza series)


Joeyray’s Bar (StarCraft II)


Shiroku Pub (Persona 4: Golden)


The Friendly Arm Inn (Baldur’s Gate)


Akuda Bar (Beyond Good and Evil)


What would be your picks for the comfiest video game bars and taverns? Show us with visuals in the comments below.

sources: Zelda Wiki, Destron Travels Through Azeroth, Bayonetta Wiki, Hacking & Slaying in Baldur’s Gate, Thyrfar’s LP


  • As much as I love Grim Fandango, The Blue Casket is far too pretentious for my likin’… Might as well sit outside and take in the Rubacava skyline. 😀

    • This was the first thing that popped into my mind! Glad I wasn’t the only one that thought this 😀

    • I would’ve gone for the Fringe Cafe from the same game, personally. I LOVED the music from that, and listen to it regularly.

    • I have no idea why, but they put The Hive in the dirty/dangerous/noisy one. Weird. It’s quite clean and slick compared to most of the bars I’ve worked/passed out in.

      • Outrageous! I too found it a absolute pleasure to relax in the male cubicals. The inintimate lighting made it ideal for discussing deals and hits with my colleagues. The toilet seats were oh so comfortable and hygienic, a grand place to rest your head while vomiting.

  • This article made me want to pop Catherine into the PS3 when I got home tonight and get round to finishing it…..

    … then I remember what happened last time I tried to do that. After so much time being passed, I’d completely forgotten the different strategies for completing the puzzles, so I fell into a recursive loop of frustration…… might have to youtube the current level to get back into it :p

    • seriously?!! exactly the same for me once i saw the screenshot… Made me wanna give Catherine another try…and then remembered how terrible i am at it…

    • You should totally try the full Catherine ‘Cutscenes only’ series on Youtube. I really hated the puzzle/platformer angle of the game, but the theme and premise and aesthetics really appealed to me. I was very satisfied with watching that series.

      Only problem is, developer didn’t get a cent out of me. There’s gotta be a better way…

      • A month or so after release they patched the game with a “very easy” mode, which was apparently meant to be for people who were more into the story. Although, this was one of the games that was brutally difficult anyway, so really it just brought it back to a reasonable level.

        Might check out the youtube version….. though I’ve always been a bit averse to watching full playthroughs on youtube when I own the game….. even if it’s just cutscenese, there’s something about holding the controller/keyboard and being in control which makes me feel like Im completing the game. I do like the questionnaires which appear at the end of each level, always a good way to see how much of an asshole I am compared to all the other players :p lol [make sure my wife isn’t in the room when I answer them! 😉 ]

        • It’s true, your experience will undoubtedly be better if you struggle through and play those bar scenes yourself. I noticed that where the person playing just occasionally skipped talking to this or that NPC when I’m so OCD about that kind of thing, I have to talk to EVERY NPC. So that was mildly frustrating, but nowhere near as much as actually playing the ‘game’.

  • It doesn’t really qualify as a “bar” but a lot of the scenes in the dining car from “The Last Express” were very mellow and memorable..

  • The Smoldering Corpse Bar from Planescape Torment was nice, it had everything: You could trade witty banter with infernals, warm your hands by the permanently blazing pyomaniacal wizard, chat to a letter of the alphabet, meet someone you called into existance by using his name as an alias, get your eye back and possibly go home with a nice githzerai

  • Kind of surprised that no one has mentioned 7th Heaven from FFVII. First place I thought of when I read the title.

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