The Most Hysterical Video Games Set In A Prehistoric World

There's not a single video game with a prehistoric setting that takes itself seriously. All these games — mostly platformers — look cartoonish, have ridiculously wacky yet loveable main characters and never really cared about the few million years that separated dinosaurs and mankind.


In this '92 game we have to pick up passangers with our wooden, stone-age helicopter and take them to their desired destination through 69 levels.

Chuck Rock

Side-scrolling platformer, ported to almost everything in the early '90s. The game had an outstanding intro music and we could even use our fair-sized stomach to kick out enemies.

Big Nose The Caveman

1991 side-scroller (man, cavemen were popular in the 90's), where the in-game clubs didn't just let you smash things. You could shoot with the it and, amazingly, use it to fly.

Caveman Ugh-Lympics

This is probably the most ridiculous title, with six stone age Olympic events, one of them is to toss our wife or husband as far as possible, just like if it were hammer throw.


We had to collect food in this 1991 platformer by Titus Interactive. The game got a sequel a few years later with much crazier cartoonish visuals.

Bonk's Adventure

Just as Mario and Sonic, Bonk, the bald-headed kid was the mascot of NEC's Turbografx / PC Engine console. The game even had a similar name — PC Genjin — in Japan.

Joe & Mac

In Joe & Mac (originally called Caveman Ninja, yeah they look exactly like ninja), green-haired Joe and blue-haired Mac have to fight dinosaurs and a rival tribe to rescue their beloved.

The Flintstones: Treasure of Sierra Madrock

One of the many Flintstones games, released for the SNES in 1994.


You should show your picks, or your favourite parts of the listed games in the comments below.

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    Spent so much money on Joe & Mac at the local takeaway when I was a kid. And also played The Flintstones on Nes way too much.

    I was always sad that we never got Turbografx here! They had that sweet handheld with the built in TV tuner - man I wanted me one of those!

    Joe&Mac!!! The first game I couldn't stop playing.

    Caveman Ugh-Lympics! The Firemaking event led to alot of friends becoming enemies lol.

    And I remember Joe and Mac as well! I played the SNES version in a Big W, and thought the NES version would be just as good....It was not (I only had a NES at the time)

    Joe & Mac had such beautiful graphics for the time!

    Joe & Mac, one of my favourite games of all time.
    I played an Ugh Demo on the C64, quite liked it but never saw the full version.

    Not strictly but close enough, Wonder Boy on the C64.

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