The New Monster Hunter Is Out, But One Of Its Biggest Features Isn't

The ability to transfer save files across Wii U and 3DS versions of the new Monster Hunter series failed to go live on the game's North American launch day yesterday, despite being featured in the main trailer for the game. Gamers can merrily play through the Nintendo console and portable versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but the ability to move saved files from one machine to the next is dependent on a free, downloadable 3DS app that has yet to appear on the system's online store.

Until it does, the Wii U version's save-transfer menu option is but a tease.

"The Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools and the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Data Transfer Program are not yet live on the Nintendo eShop," a Capcom rep confirmed to Kotaku over email late last night. "Capcom is working closely with Nintendo to make these available for download as soon as possible and apologise for the delay."

Monster Hunter is one of the most popular game series in Japan, a phenomenon of Call of Duty or Pokémon proportions. It kept Sony's PSP popular in that country even as the system fell into the shadows elsewhere.

The Monster Hunter games are fantasy-themes adventures that let up to four players arm heroes with outlandish swords, bows and other weapons as they hunt a menagerie of otherworldly beasts.

The new Wii U and 3DS games, which are sold separately, update the 2009/2010 Wii release of Monster Hunter Tri with up-razzed graphics and added content. While players can solo through the game, they can play online with others on Wii U or with fellow 3DS owners locally.

Once the app goes live players will be able to move their progress across machines so they can play on their TV or away from it. We'll update you when it becomes available.


    Isn't it a little cruel to post this article when people are waiting for a street break? =P

      It's already out in the states, so not really.

        (It was a joke)


          *runs away crying*

            It's okay, we are just all emotional while we wait for monster hunter.

            I WANT ITTTTTT!

    I got worried for a second, I thought the WiiU/3DS local play connectivity was missing. The save file transfer I can do without, but I made plans to play a WiiU/3DS crossover game on release

      As did I. It'd be very disappointing if it was for naught.

      That was the first thing that jumped to my head too.

      Also how does one lock onto a target with the camera, rather annoying (referring to demo) (also hoping if it's even possible?)

        If you're referring to the 3DS demo, I recommend getting a circle pad.

          Demo doesn't support the CPP.

            Full version does support it though

    Is it out? Or is this a blind copy pasta from US Kotaku?

    I was ready to run right out now to buy it, fucken copy pasta

    Everywhere has stock in Australia, go out and bug people to sell it to you. Hopefully Kmart, Target or Big W will be silly enough to slip one through and get this street date broken.

      ^^^^Do what he says he's Tom Selleck you don't want to be on the bad side of that moustache.

    I was about to go call my local eb! Damn it... heart racing... from excitement...

    What time of the day does the eShop usually update for new releases?

    Is the download that lets you play it on the wii u remote alone out? Because I remember reading the official site and it said it "will be made available with additional download". I don't really want a Wii U, but I hate single player MH (which is all the 3DS has), I just don't want to use the TV because I share it with other people and monster hunter games sometimes go for like an hour.

    Also I notice I can get a black wii u from amazon UK for 100 dollars cheaper delivered (330 instead of 430). I know I can play pal games and what not, do I need a power adapter though?

    Last edited 21/03/13 5:31 pm

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