The New Wii U Pokémon Game Has Toys, Kind Of Like Skylanders

The New Wii U Pokémon Game Has Toys, Kind Of Like Skylanders

The Skylanders video games set off a merchandizing bonanza thanks to its toys that were outfitted with near field communication. The upcoming Pocket Monsters game for the Wii U looks set to do the same thing.

According to a leaked CoroCoro Comic magazine scan, the upcoming Pokémon Scramble U for Wii U will use NFC Pocket Monsters figurines. This is the first Wii U game to make use of the Wii U GamePad’s NFC reader.

Starting April 24, the figures go on sale at Pokémon centre retailers across Japan. While the downloadable game is priced at ¥1,800 (US$18.70), the figures are ¥200 ($2.08) each. There are six different types, plus what sounds like one special type. That brings the total cost of all the figurines to ¥1,400 ($14.55).

Besides Pikachu, it’s unclear which Pokémon will get NFC figurines. You will be able to scan them into the Wii GamePad and use them in game. Players can “raise”, rear their NFC Pocket Monster, saving the Pokémon’s progress.


Pokémon Scramble U goes on sale April 24 in Japan as a digital download.

Wii U「ポケモンスクランブルU」は、「NFCフィギュア」と連動、フィギュアのポケモンがゲームで使える [ポケメモンメモ]

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  • Glad to see they are taking a reasonable pricing approach. A Twenty Dollar game with two dollar toys is a great price point. Especially if they slowly release every Pokemon. Hardcore players will drop the full thousand dollars on this over time.

    • Totally. Skylanders is a fairly simple game, but the concept of having a physical toy that embodies your progress is great – and with NFC on the GamePad, it’s good to see Nintendo realising the opportunity especially with a very accessible pricepoint.

      My only query is: how can you “catch” a Pokemon you don’t have the model for? Or will you be limited strictly to the team you have purchased? Maybe a good middle ground is to tie pokemon you’ve captured to the one WiiU console, until you buy the matching figurine and sync them up?

  • Skylanders pokemon edition was the very very first thing I saw when I first heard about Skylanders. The potential to make more money than quite possibly any other game product in history is massive.

  • This needed to happen with a full fledge 3D Pokemon game on WiiU.

    Nintendo would have absolutely raked in more cash than their rakes could handle.

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