The Only Way To Get Past This Tomb Raider Glitch Is By Using Another Glitch

There's a moment in Tomb Raider where you get a crucial piece of gear required to finish the game. But a bug that can screw things up the first time you try to use the Rope Ascender is stopping some people from progressing through Tomb Raider. Lara needs to get that crate to slam through the deck of the ship to get to her objective. But the crates aren't moving the way they're supposed to. I didn't encounter the bug seen here but it sure would've pissed me off if I ran into it.

Thankfully, eagle-eyed TR players have spotted a workaround. The solution requires you to force a glitch and fall through the hatch where the crates are supposed to smash into. It takes a bit of fiddling to get the bug to work but once it does, you should be able to go ahead to the next thing you're supposed to do. Hopefully, there's a patch coming through for this issue.

(Thanks, tipster Josh!)


    They'll probably patch the workaround glitch first, leaving you stranded by the crate glitch

    Is this a console only related problem.. specific to one platform etc?

    A friend of mine was just telling about this last night - he was playing on the 360 and he also had this glitch happen to him. I also played on the 360, luckily, there were no issues for me.

    Unforeseen stuff like this is why I think all games like Tomb Raider should let you save any time to whatever save slot you want. In situations where I can make multiple saves, I usually have 3 or 4 saves that I rotate, like backing up my hard drive. So in an event where a glitch like this happens, you can go back to a previous (and hopefully recent) save and try it again. When there are auto-saves like in TR, this isn't possible.

      I do exactly this too.
      Been burned in the past so I do the grandfather, father, son method of saves rotation. That's the problem with auto save only on one profile. Lucky I did not get this glitch on PC though.

    reminds me of when i played Warp on XBLA. Didn't want to replay the whole game to get a collectable that was in a "non-backtrackable area" but through persistence managed to exploit the clipping and walk around on the ceiling edges of the map to get over a locked door. good times!

    i really loved that game, didn't seem to gather too much attention though. kind of like abe's odyssey meets portal. XBLA version, do not play PC.

    So i maybe brought this upon myself but I am on the shipwreck beach. instead of going straight to the camp like you are instructed to I was messing around and ended up going a bit ahead in the level. a couple voice checkpoints later i tried to go back to meet with the crew. doing this made me not able to get the required equipment off of the pirate ship and therefor i did not get the compound bow. now the game expects me to prance merrily on my way without the necessary tools. does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this glitch/bug and get the compound bow.

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