The PAX Wrap

Alright, well that was an epic flight. Just ten minutes ago I arrived at the Kotaku offices straight from the airport and I don't look good. Still that doesn't take anything away from the fact I had a great time at PAX and saw some pretty flat out weird things. Below is a quick wrap up of some of my favourites!

Also — stay tuned, because there's more to come! I managed to get a few crazy long interviews that I feel demand a little more spit and polish — super excited to let you guys have a look.

But back to the here and now. My favourite part of PAX was definitely the panels — there was just a real variety to them. From high profile developers like Cliff Bleszinski and Ken Levine to more niche stuff focusing on board games — I found the whole thing fascinating.

I also loved talking to all the Australians at the event — and I've got a really interesting story coming from those encounters, stay tuned. For now though, take a look at the awesome 'joystick' Kumobious used to demo Time Surfer. Also: this is why Australians come to PAX East in the first place.

The show floor was also amazing. And crowded. That's where most of the strange stuff could be found — from stupidly (and deservedly) expensive gaming tables to games about drinking Soda. Perhaps the coolest thing I saw at the show was the dress made of Magic: The Gathering cards. Genius.

All-in-all it was a great tester for what we can expect from PAX Australia later in the year.

In Short What Board Games Have Learned From Video Games This Is A First Person Soda Drinking Sim. It's The Weirdest Thing Ever. The Australian Brothers Who Made Time Surfer And A Really Cool Two Button Joystick BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth Is A Machine And You Are A Psychopath This Is Why Australian Developers Head To PAX East This Is Literally The Greatest Table I've Seen In My Life Her Amazing Dress Is Made Of Magic: The Gathering Cards At PAX, Cliff Bleszinski Said Something Interesting About Video Game Violence


    Mark's back! In Pog form!!!

    Mark, I'm dissapointed I was expecting a video of you rapping about PAX. I am massively dissapointed and its false advertising and I'm reporting you to the ACCCCCCCCCCCC (Unless you wanna make the rap now)

    I demand more Soda Drinker Pro coverage.

      This is a good Soda Drinker Pro Interview and "simulation test" from PAX

    And PAX Melbourne is just round the corner, woohoo. Allure media will have some sort of stand, won't they? Good opportunity to interface with your readership...

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