The Saints Row IV Special Edition Has Stuff That's Way Better Than A Severed Torso

You might recall that Volition was acquired by Deep Silver after the bankruptcy of THQ. You might also recall that Deep Silver are the people responsible for the highly unpalatable severed torso that came packaged with some of the collector's editions of Dead Island: Riptide.

Hence, they will also be responsible for the collector's edition of the upcoming Saints Row IV, which can be voted on by players. Judging from the survey they've posted, the possible collector's edition items for the new Saints Row are more tasteful — which is not to say they don't sometimes err on the ridiculous side. This is the franchise that is known for its giant purple dildo, after all.

So it might not surprise you that some of the options are things like dubstep doomsday buttons, auto tune devices, and presidential briefcases with kinky handcuff and keys. Less interesting, but still novel options are things like RC helicopters, wood cigar boxes and "ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights". Naturally, you also have your boring options, like cloth maps — but why would you opt for those sorts of things, really?

If you'd like to see all of the possibilities, check out the survey here.


    This is going to be interesting... given the superpowers and all that, I wonder if it keeps anything at all that makes the Saints Row games appealing?

      I liked the craziness SR has over GTA, but this might be going too far maybe?

        I'm wondering that too, I do admit I get that feeling from the trailer, but I'm eager to play it. Saints Row 3 to me was the perfect blend. It had the perfect balance of GTA + ADHD fun and retard value + porno level plot. I just loved it. This is gonna have to be something special to beat 3, given its short development time, I'm doubting that...

          @ Bag, #3 already went too far for me.

          The only good saints row was the first one, it was like GTA but less serious. Then they made the 2nd was fundamentally broken(ruined good parts from 1 added more shitty parts) and as such was average at best. Then they made the third which was atrocious, it ceased to be fun anymore, everything was ridiculously stupid (for lack of a better word) from the complete lack of story or realism even in astoundingly basic ways. Then to top it off those giant mutants ruined every aspect of combat, it was just such a huge step backwards.

          So my thoughts on the 4th are quite uncaring, especially with the super powers (I loved crackdown 1 and the concept behind it). They will take it even further, so much so that it will completely lose its purpose and have almost 0 substance or depth of gameplay. (At least that' what i think will happen.)

          Last edited 21/03/13 11:20 pm

            Sorry, realism? lol? The first one was a last gen title with current gen graphics. It was a decent game but very repetitive. Saints 3 was exceedingly fun. No mission was repetitive, they went out of their way to make sure the storyline missions were at least fairly unique, the soundtrack was *the shit* and there were so many fist pumping moments in the game it was an absolute blast. While I understand it's not to everyones taste, saying there's no realism in it, is like watching Futurama and complaining it's not adhering to realistic physics when they play planetary golf with the universe? The giant mutants I never had an issue with, I learnt to deal with them easily, heavy weapons! Graphics were fantastic, controls were superior to part 2, driving was a massive improvement, fighting was overhauled and so much better. In no way was it a step backwards *at all*.

              Well no I didn't mean omg thers aliens thats not real, hur durr. None of the games are "realistic", but they still try to be at least somewhat.

              What i was saying was the basics like, in that bank job(one of the first mission), i could not get over the fact at how ridiculous that mission was. from the taking 10000000000000000000000 bullets to killing thousands of people and all the rest, it went too far out of realism.

              For me these things went too far, they ceased being fun and were to me stupid for stupids sake. It lacked any sense of maturity. not in the sense of fart jokes, i'll laugh at almost anything but the entire game seemed like it was one big joke, which alienated me to no end.

              But i do understand others loved it. Also the mutants were annoying even if they could be dealt with, they were just a pain in the arse and did more harm than good which makes them a horrible design choice.

              For the first one, it was basically what i wanted with the series. I GTA that was less serious. I liked the whole gang aspect and all the rest. The 2nd game while a technical improvement had the worst side missions in history, it threw out alot of concepts i appreciated from the first and added new ones i didn't like, then the 3rd went even further than that.

              Its how i still think gears 1 is the best game ever made in the series, if i play it now its awful technically, sticking to walls and the host advantage. But the ideas behind it, shotgun predominant, small maps 4v4 and all the rest are the best parts and they were dumped in the future versions. Now i still liked those future version but not nearly as much as teh original.

        Remember GTA 1, 2 and London? They were just silly tongue in cheek toon town fun. 3 got way too serious, Vice made it fun again, San Andreas tried to do too much but was still fun and IV was far too serious.

        Saints Row reminds me of what GTA SHOULD have been.

        Personally I just feel that SR has proven that there's no such thing as too far.

    TBH, id really like the tie and tie link, mainly because i rock my SR cufflinks daily and sunnies too!
    so the tie would complete the set
    oh and my purple shirt :P

    SO from being a team badass gangsters with big guns and good humors (SR2) to being a group of immature adults who likes to wear children costume, say stupid lame childish jokes over and over, dance on cars and beat up people with dildo bat (SR3 and probably SR4).
    SR2 was a perfect blend of GTA and over-the-top-ness. GTA is a realistic, fun, interesting and a badass game. SR2 is over the top, good humours and it's a badass game. SR3 is just a extremely over the top, full of lame jokes and it feels like a very childish game. I can't feel the badass-ness in SR3 like when I play GTA or SR2 (I really don't feel like a badass wearing kiddies costumes and beating people up with a dildo bat). And it looks like SR4 is turning out to be just like SR3 (childish, full of lame jokes) or even worse.
    And to add insult to injury, they should have keep making this as a DLC for SR3 instead of making it a whole new game but I guess deep silver just wants the SR franchise to start pumping them more money.

    apart from Lego Batman 2 and Lego Marvel coming out later this year i think this could be the superhero game we have all been waiting for. I know we have a few superhero MMO games but that is really a whole new playing field. i hope that co-op is back.
    i hope this game does well. even better

    responsible for the highly unpalatable severed torso
    For the last time, stop trying to eat it. It's a model for crying out loud.

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