These Are Scariest Clowns And Jesters In Games

One of the most villainous ways to raise the fear level in a game is to throw in a psycho clown. That clown is hides behind his stupid fake smile, searching for a way to earn your trust.

Clowns are pretty common in video games, both old and new, so this time we selected some of the scariest ones who sport that trademark crazy look.

Kefka Palazzo (Final Fantasy VI)

Buggy The Thousand Piece Clown (One Piece: Pirate Warriors)

Sweet Tooth, Reaper And The Clown Gang (Twisted Metal Series)

Khan (Broken Sword)

Shaco, The Demon Jester (League Of Legends)

Adam Macintyre (Dead Rising)

Dhoulmagus (Dragon Quest VIII)

Fargus (Pandemonium)

Tell us in the comments below which video game clowns scared the hell out of you — but don't forget the visuals!

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    I guess the Joker was too obvious to include.

      While the Joker is in Video Games I associate him more with the Comics, he is a scary clown but I don't think he belongs on a Video Game list.

        They included Buggy the Clown, who is a Manga character. So who knows? :D

          You've got me there, but I think I'd remove him too, I just didn't click the whole one piece thing.

    I guess these guys aren't technically Jesters, but whenever someone mentions creepy clowns this is what haunts me.

    No Arkham Asylum or Arkham City? Really?

    Khan's clown alter-ego only appears once in Broken Sword and that's near the start when he plants the bomb. While you spend a good portion of the game looking for "a clown", he actually never shows up as a clown again, so including him might be a bit of a stretch.

    What about the Death Jester from Seiken Densetsu 3?

    Last edited 03/03/13 4:07 pm

    You missed the scariest of all, the clown from L4D2!

    I seem to recall a creepy clown character in "Under a Killing Moon". Can anyone confirm?

    The clown door from Sanitarium freaks me out still. (
    Also, what about Spike the Clown from Toonstruck? Balloooon? (

    What about the crazy clown guy from Dead Rising? Died by impalement on his own chainsaws...

      Is he anything like the 7th clown down from the top of the page...? :p

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