There's A New Kick-Ass 2 Trailer, And It's... Kick Ass.

Kick-Ass: it was very good. Come on everyone, don't argue with me here! Now there's a sequel in the workd, and I can't help but get a little excited about that. This is the first trailer.

From the trailer it looks as though Kick-Ass now has a squadron of super heroes and has smartly changed things up now that Chloë Moretz is a legitimate teenager and not a little girl anymore. I'm not too sure about the fact that the character Kick-Ass can actually kick ass, I liked the idea of him being completely inept, but whatever — I'm still looking forward to this.


    as long as it doesn't have nic cage this could be a great movie

      Having seen the first, I'd be surprised if it does. Given that he died and all.

        he did? i havent seen it in a while

          I heard he has a cameo. Whether a flash back or not, who knows.

          I've heard that he does have a cameo.

        So much for using spoiler tags. Haha

          Yeah, I thought the same thing. Oh well, at least I tried!

      Kick Ass was one of Nic Cage's best performances, possibly because he wasn't the lead it didn't go to his head.

        plus he didnt have the face that he was on horse tranquilizers all the time in his other movies

        Agreed, he had one of the better characters there.

      Dude! That was the the best acting Nic Cage has done in a LOOOOOOONG time! No, I'm not kidding and yest I WILL take my medication as soon as I finish typing this!

    It's OK Mark, I liked the original too (and was neither excited nor offended by Nicolas Cage's presence), and this is the first I've heard about a sequel. Looking forward to it!

    I'll be seeing this at the cinema's. Loved the first!

    I like the first movie (and comic, which is different) and like the Hit Girl Comic.
    Picked up Kick Ass 2 the other week and I was thinking of reading it soon, but I think I'll wait until I've seen the movie first.
    The first comic was a bit more realistic, and different in places (not exactly better, but not worse It would have been interesting to see Big Daddy in the movie be more like the comic as he ended up being quite different in places)
    I think if I had read the comic before watching the movie, I'd like the movie a little less, but doing it the other way I can appreciate both quite well.

    Trailer looks awesome, and I'm looking forward to watching it and reading the comic.

      I read the comic first and didn't have any problem with the movie. I preferred the comics ending (especially the change to Big Daddy's story) but the movie was still real fun to watch. It didn't have quite the 'this is an awful, awful idea' theme to the ending the comic had but it was still good.
      Also from what I understand Kick Ass 2 (both the movie and the comic) both follow the movie ending rather than the comic. So they might not be so different this time.

        Honestly? The movie made more sense than the comic. The comic idea that he's just a comic guy, essentially 'fat comic book guy' who decided one day out of nowhere to train up a little assassin made no sense. None. The movie at least gave him reason to do it, it made sense, it made his training make sense, his knowledge of firearms, fighting etc make sense. It even gave him reason to have history with DiMarco and the criminals.

        The comic of Kickass 2 and Hitgirl are rolled into the movie, Hitgirl is the first 1/3 of the movie apparently with Kickass 2 making up the backend 2/3rds but allegedly a few things have been changed making it far less misogynistic than the comic was (and it really was very very very anti female in its treatment of women...)

        One noteable difference? Kickass NEVER wore Big Daddys armour like he does in the trailer.

          I felt it stuck with the running themes more. The movie had him as an actual superhero where the comic had his roots as the same sort of screwed up wannabe everyone else was. I can agree that the comics don't really work for movies though so I understand the change.

          I agree that his back story probably made more sense in the movie, but felt that the comic version was realistic enough, and being a (obsessed) comic nerd was an interesting idea. The rest of the comic handled everything in a more realistic way, in that Dave doesn't have 'superpowers', doesn't get the girl after lying about being gay and there isn't a jetpack, along with a few other smaller things.

          Loved the movie, and love the comic for it's different take. I think if I read the comic first, I probably wouldn't love the movie, but I still would have enjoyed it.

    Based on the trailer, it looks like they're going to go quite close to the second graphic novel.

    Also, Jim Carrey actually has some acting chops!

      Dude, you've never seen:

      Man in the Moon.
      The Truman Show
      Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind
      The Majestic (Not a great movie but his performance is outstanding)

      Carrey is like Robin Williams, his best stuff is when he's NOT being a comedian, ironically for a comedian, he's an amazing dramatic actor...

        I have seen all of them (except The Majestic I think)... They are great, but for some reason this role really strikes me as the one where people will leave the cinema and go "Holy shit, that was Jim Carrey"

    Am I the only one who thought the trailer was a bit awful? I mean, granted, I've not read the source material, but the trailer doesn't suggest to me that the film continues the particular take on superheroes that the first film used so well. They kind of look like just superheroes now, admittedly gritty rather than shiny ones. Plus I may be missing it, but there doesn't seem to be a character arc hinted at (beyond the "give up superheroing/don't give up superheroing" that's practically a staple of the genre), or any kind of theme beyond "Chloe Moretz should be in more movies".

      Yeah I kind of agree. I loved the first film, it's literally one of my favorite films. This does actually seem like a bit of a tonal shift. I wouldn't say the trailers awful, but yeah. I just hope this isn't the case and it's more the studio wanting the film to maybe appeal as a broader thing in the trailer. Then in the film is the right tone.

      Although, I if it's a bit of a shift, but has the same sensibilities, that could be the best scenario. They can't just remake the first, it has to be new and a proper sequel. not just a continuation trying to do the same thing. This just kind of doesn't look like it has the awesome of Kick Ass. One of the best things was the action being necessary to the story, being often brutal and every action scene being great and unique.

      Not having Mathew Vaughn behind the camera is a sign to be worried about, but he was still going to direct this script and producing it and very involved. So hopefully it's kind of like, he directed it but not day to day on set... who knows. I just so want this to be good!

    So much Sleigh Bells!

      The fact that crush is playing makes this already amazing trailer the best thing I have ever seen ever.

    Will see this purely on how much of an awesome surprise the first was. It was such an amazing surprise - this will likely not have the punch but hopefully it'll still be entertaining.

    I seriously did not expect that guy to be Jim Carrey until the end where it had Jim Carrey's name on the screen. Also, what happened to the hot whatshername from the first movie?

      Same, I had no idea it was Jim Carrey until I saw his name, then I could see it, but it's not obvious.

    The Jim Carrey bit was a surprise, I'll admit that.

    However this is going to be a cash in movie in every sense of the word. With the exception of the violence level and one scene that'll be dropped due to it's subject matter (There's an implied rape scene in the book) the whole book was nothing more than the storyboards for the movie.

    As much as that upsets me as a comics fan (I hate comics that are written with the movie adaptation in mind) I'm excited to see this movie. The action should be quite amazing to see on the big screen, even if the vocabulary get's toned down a bit. (The comics had more swearing than a Richard Prior stand up sketch)

      Oh I don't think there was anything 'implied' about it... just how many people went through...

      I hope they don't tone down the cursing or shock value. I remember watching Kick Ass on the train and the scene when Hit Girl jumps in for the rescue had me giggling like an idiot - much to the amusement and curious looks of my fellow commuters.

      (You know the scene...

    I hope this is better than the Kick Ass 2 comic. Kick Ass had a pretty dam good story with lots of violence and it worked Kick Ass 2 felt like VIOLENCE oh we need a story shit just connect it quickly. Characters being killed off in a page then no real reaction from any of the other characters.

    The whole thing just seems like it is just rushing towards the big hero v villain fight and nothing else really mattered.

    why link to videos that are going to be pulled within hours

    I was really disappointed with Kick Ass. Going in I thought it was going to be about an ordinary kid trying to be a super hero, which is really interesting considering that it's fast becoming a fad in real life too. So I enjoyed the first half but when it became more and more fantastic and started becoming over the top unrealistic it lost its charm for me. Ah well.

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