These Are Some Excellent Deals On BioShock Infinite, XCOM And Borderlands 2 Right Now

Green Man Gaming is currently running some great deals on BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2. If you've yet to pick either of these titles up, you'll be hard-pressed to track down better prices, especially when you consider GMG is throwing in three free games — good ones too — if you go for Infinite.

I was going to wait for Infinite to go on sale before taking the plunge (a potentially long wait, I know), but when I noticed on GMG's Bundles page that the online retailer was offering Irrational's latest along with the original BioShock, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and your choice of Civilization V, Spec Ops: The Line, BioShock 2, The Darkness II or Mafia II, I really couldn't say no (FYI, I went with Civ V).

You might be able to track down a better individual price for Infinite, but if like me you've been hanging out for XCOM, it works out to be ~$US26 for both — and that's not even factoring in the copy of BioShock or the other title you select.

As for Borderlands 2, I picked it up in an earlier sale for about $US25, but for the next 15 hours or so you can get it for $US16.65, if you use the Australia/NZ discount code GMG made available a little while back (it's GMGAU-3J9MF-MUINW if you have click-fatigue). Without the code, it's $US23.78, which is still a decent price. The game's DLC is also on sale, with the season pass coming in at $US13.98 with the discount.

Bundles and Borderlands 2 [Green Man Gaming]


    I picked up the Bioshock Infinite bundle yesterday with Spec Ops, its essentially the same deal as Steam is doing but instead of Team Fortress 2 crap, its another game and its cheaper.

    The good thing is that they send you the code (well for me anyway) instantly so i can have the chance to pre load Bioshock Infinite before its release Tuesday.

      I thought the code was just for that mini-game website they had set up, and they were emailing the actual codes later on? Either way my initial attempt at buying the bundle stuffed up and had to be refunded and now I'm just waiting for the website to start working to show me my game keys.

        I got my keys for XCOM and Infinite this morning through e-mail.

        I got my Bioshock: Infinite and xcom steam keys yesterday. Infinite is now preloaded and ready for 26th.

        They sent all the codes out at the same time including the code for the Industrial Revolution mini-game.

        The website is working again now, i think it was down for most of the day yesterday so i might have been lucky to get a break in web traffic.

        I hope you get your keys soon.

          Me too. I think I just had a weird error with mine, in the invoice it says I already own the games despite the original transaction failing. So hopefully I get an email or they restore the Keys function of the website soon.

      Yeah, the TF2 stuff doesn't really do much for me. A copy of Civ V, on the other hand, was much tastier and as you say, it's cheaper to boot ($US80 vs $US52, if my eyes are working).

        I was thinking of buying the steam deal but I found the green man gaming deal, I wished I had the dosh for the songbird edition, but 3 free games is a pretty decent deal too.

    Its so annoying knowing that US has the game and we have to wait 2 more days.

      Really? Because it gets released the 26th worldwide.

      I was getting ready to make the exact same complaint then I checked the release date. We are actually getting in before the US ;)

    Best place to get the preorder deal is - 30 quid (~$43 AUD) for Infinite, Bioshock 1, XCOM Enemy Unknown, choice of 1 of 5 (I think) 2K games - and about 9-10 pounds (30%) worth of Blue Coins (store credit)

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    Also of note with the 20% code (GMG20-FDSCL-AQQXD) you can get Dark Souls for $32, which is cheaper than Steams current 50% weekend deal on it ($34.97, thanks Capcom -_-).
    You also get the game straight away if you purchase it from GMG, unlike Steam who is currently out of keys for it.

    Just sayin' :)

    Mechromancer DLC isn't running the inflated price coupon, but the 20% coupon works on it if you want to save another dollar. Just bought all current DLC for $17.98 all-up.

    Was having all sorts of trouble with the website yesterday so decided to give up and wait for a sale. If the hiccups are gone (and I apparently wasn't the only one), I'll give it another go today. Here's hoping.

      Yeah, the website was down a few times yesterday but its been loading just fine today, or were you having trouble with buying the game?

    I'm nervous: is this big pre-order push because they're worried soon people will discover something about the DLC/In App Purchases/Alway-Online requirement. Sell big before the consumer finds out! Worked for Diablo 3! :)

    Just kidding.

    Also, GameAgent is having a competition to give away free copies of Bioshock Infinite for Mac:

    Just ordered this bundle, but after the initial bundle ad there is no mention of xcom in my receipt/transaction. Is it a shared code for Bioshock Infinite and XCom? Or should I be worried?

      Nevermind, XCOM is mentioned I am just seemingly too tired and out of it to notice on first read thru. Yay! Been keen as for XCOM!

    I bought Borderlands 2 yesterday during the site instability, but the ANZ code wouldn't work. Ah well, $23 is still pretty good.

      By "instability" are you referring to being unable to progress through the checkout? It seems to be stuck at the first stage of checkout for me at the moment.
      *edit* scratch that, I just had to activate my account. Duh.

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    Ozgameshop[dot]com has Steam codes via email for Bioshock Infinite for $38.

    Completely legit and safe site, for anyone who hasn't heard of them before.

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