These Computer Graphics Are So Incredible, It's Kind Of Creepy

Speaking at the GPU Technology Conference in California this week, hardware company NVIDIA talked about its much-vaunted Titan graphics card. Here's a video of NVIDIA showing off what it can do with it.

The whole video is interesting, but the best part is virtual Ira, who you can see above. Terrifying/awesome/creepy/impressive.


    Holy crap... that's unbelievable... the eyes have definitely managed to cross uncanny valley that's for sure. The only thing that seemed a little off was how the eyes were 100% steady all the time, other than that... photorealistic and VERY creepy.

      The eyes weren't static, they are hard to see though because the lighting was mostly above for the demo. (8:50 is the best example for good lighting I think)

        Either way, something is still off about it, but I'd say they're around 99% of the way there...
        *edit* You're right, upon second viewing it was the lighting, I didn't see it the first time. Kudos to you!

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        what irks me is how devs overdo shadows and lighting effects to make it "realistic" it ends up being unrealistic

        for example in the demo above, in real life you would either see much less shadows or the shadows would be less dark (i.e. you can see through it more)

    While the graphics demo was impressive, I would have liked to see more, as in more two or three point lighting on the 2nd tech demo.
    The drop-light is good for showing off your pretty bump-mapping, but I want to see what this card can actually do.

    Talk more about sub-surface scattering, talk more about tessellation, talk more about your data processing, not things like "it synthesizes the graphics."
    "Well yeah, of course it does, I'd be surprised if your GPU didn't do that."

    The future of the GPU wars will be based on how pretty they can make pores look.

    And on that note, can't wait for "Skin Pore Simulator 2014"

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      OR if you're into Dead or Alive - Skin pore on jiggly bits simulator.

    Very Impressive. Though for me the shortcoming wasn't the eyes, oddly enough, it was the ears. Unless Ira had some kind of accident/congentital defect, they look kind of like skin funnels.

    If you see it as "Creepy" then it's still in the Uncanny Valley.

    I was very impressed and excited to see Face Works incorporated into future games!!

    "Only the asians laughed" - i loled.

    Sure, when he was changing emotions / expressions constantly it was in the uncanny valley, but when they kept one emotion and spoke a sentence, it could have been an actor.

    There's still something about it that makes my brain go "Yeah, nah, that's not real" instantly. And I can't put my finger on one specific thing. I think a part of it might have been that I already knew it was a 3D model before viewing it, but I think if I had not known that I'd have still picked up on it.

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    So what now PS4? Next gen says what?!? Where are all the console fanboys bagging this and saying that the PS4 does it better?

    The only thing that really throws me is that the lip/teeth geometry seems a bit weird.

    Incredible.. but what I dont understand is, if they are trying not to be creepy why choose a weird creepy dude with a strange afeminate voice to be the avatar??

    They're getting closer to being convincing, but at the moment I still generally see animated PVC figurines. The talking part was kind of cool, if they can get the motions a little more natural and incorporate proper body language it'll be incredible.

    The thing is I'm so used to it anyway. I can totally see where the creepiness is, but I am completely capable of looking past it and considering the effect as normal in that virtual world. If I was playing a game or watching a movie with that faerie I would probably thing she's just fine.

    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 2: Electric Boogaloo

    They look pretty good, but with these "photorealistic" demos, they always show the models in harsh lights, or pulling about a dozen faces in a matter of seconds or from the neck up. Facial detail is one thing, but it's nothing without the body language and subtle movements to go along with it, it might as well just be another passing demo.

    Try modelling the whole body, clothes, hair (with a real hairdo, not a perfectly straight spaghetti-strand hairdo that waves from side to side as they move a la Aki Ross) , and animate them having a conversation with another person. That'll prove what's realistic and what's not.

    I was kind of hoping there was a twist where the presenter was 3d...that would blow my mind!

    In my opinion the Fairy hadn't hit uncanny valley territory yet (she was very cartoony) whereas this new one was smack bang in the middle of the uncanny valley. The smile was especially creepy.

    So this uses so much of the GPU's processing power that you won't be able to have multiple NPCs for another how many generations? This might be good for animators on a budget but it's not exactly going to be relevant to any games for a long time.

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