These New Arma 3 Screenshots Look Pretty Darn Realistic

This set of new screenshots from within Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 paints a very pretty picture, one filled with detailed sign textures and sexy lighting. The images were unearthed by the community as part of an ongoing augmented reality game, according to the fan site ArmaHolic.

They've got more over there, and I've got to admit that it looks pretty great — though not as good as some (and that's the last time I'm going to link to that video, I swear). Entry for the Arma 3 public alpha begins on March 5.

New screenshots released from the Arma 3 ARG & Dslyecxi's Arma3 SITREP [ArmaHolic via reddit]


    Too bad their games suck ass

      No they don't, you just probably prefer games like COD where you don't have to think.

      Not enough splosions in it for you, Cock?

        He can't jump 360 noscope headshot from across the map while blazing it and drifting in his car while screaming '420', so the game sucks.

        Last edited 04/03/13 1:48 pm

      Too bad you just can't play simulators. Go enjoy your mobile app ya twit.

    Trees still look rubbish. The rest is almost perfect, but the trees really ruin the fidelity of the image in fooling the human eye... :\

      Yeah, seems to be hard shading on the leaves, and no approximation of light leak through, which is rather disappointing.

      Then again, we can't assume any of these images are even final.
      Also, leaves tend to always look like rubbish.

      Yeh... true. They get so many things right and then something small throws the whole thing out. Though admittedly some things from other games with less fidelity look better because they are in motion.. so maybe when you're playing it would look a lot better.

      The haze and the sky shading really sell it though..

        Oh, absolutely. Not trying to detract from the amazing work the team have done, it's just that the trees stick out like a sore thumb against the quality of everything else!

      yeh i agree
      they look cartoony like borderlands

      its a shame they can only make hyperrealistic textures like this only in scenes where theres heavy bright sunlight (like peering out into the scorching sun after emerging from darkness

      real life is more gloomy

    Damn Far Cry 3! Now when I see a radio tower my first thought is: how do I climb that?

    there not from games, you just went out side and took photos near your home town

    Jesus, that snap of the hills below the stop sign looks so much like the view of the hills near my house. Dammit... I'm gonna need a new machine. On the plus side though, I'MGONNANEEDANEWMACHINE!!!!! Yay!

    You should see the textures on the inside of the prison cells... they spent months ensuring their accuracy.

      I wish I got this joke :(

        The joke references the fact that two of the developers spent several months in a Greek prison for 4 months on espionage charges...

        The some of the developers had to serve time in prison recently.

    I wouldn't say they look realistic, but they do look very pretty.

    Long distance looks genuinely photo-realistic, illusion only ruined by vegetation close up. I'm impressed.

    I'm sure you could cherry pick Arma 2 screenshots that look pretty too but they fall apart when you enter a building or see a characters animation.

    I'll wait for the Day Z mod

      I'll wait for the Day Z standalone*

      *fixed it for you

        I think the DayZ standalone is not using this engine but a modified 2 engine.

    Does anyone know if the environment is like BF3 to a degree? Buildings destroyed etc

      You would think so considering you can in Arma2

        Not the same thing. In Battlefield 3 you can shoot out various chunks of buildings and props whereas in ArmA 2 it just switches the model from intact to destroyed. Even old BF2 mods had that kind of binary destruction.

          Not a Battlefield player so i thought BF3 destruction be like Arma2... Hope it’s more like BF3 in that way so you can breach structures with tanks.

    Pretty good, considering the size of the world. Sure, it doesn't look perfect - but I didn't expect it to. Of course, we'll have to see if the animations are as realistic as the graphics.

    Soo... it's just photos of the sky?

    The radio tower looked awesome though.

      Nah a lot of the photos are cropped in the article.. better to click on one and cycle through them to see the full images.

    Oh yeah, there they are!

    Looks pretty good, but some of the foliage is still an issue. No matter how good the lighting or the engine is, the shrubs are still going to look out of place. Unless shrubs in that kind of area look out of place in real life?

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