These People Have Been Unable To Play StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm For 12 Days

These People Have Been Unable To Play StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm For 12 Days

How long does a company have to respond to a complaint before you cry foul? On March 15 Blizzard acknowledged the fact that a large number of consumers weren’t able to unlock and play Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm after purchasing it digitally with a credit card. That acknowledgement came 12 days ago, and no-one has heard anything else since.

The situation seems simple: players are buying Heart of the Swarm online, are being charged the full amount for the game. The order is said to be complete but the game itself does not recognise the content has been purchased, so when players try to play Heart of the Swarm, they’re being asked to re-purchase the content. According to most people with the issue, the problem is isolated to those who bought the game directly from the official Blizzard site.

On March 15 a Blizzard Support Agent on the forums stated the following:

We’re aware of an issue with upgrading StarCraft II accounts to Heart of the Swarm. We’re actively investigating the issue, and we will post updates as we learn more. Thank you very much for your patience.

And there has been zero communication on the issue since.

Understandably, consumers are getting frustrated. Some have had replies to tickets sent. One asked players to “try logging all the way out and back in” — essentially asking players to turn it on and off again, but this does not solve the issue. Other ticket replies reinforced the above communication from the support agent, stating the team were looking into it. These tickets have now been closed by Blizzard as resolved. Clearly the issue has not been resolved.

12 days. That’s a long time for a response to an issue that is stopping a large amount of paying customers from using a service they’ve already paid for. Closing tickets, saying the issue is resolved when it is clearly not is also not ideal. The ACCC website states that if a problem with a service is not addressed “within a reasonable time” you are within your rights to demand a refund, but is 12 days a reasonable amount of time? That’s a difficult question to answer; the language, I suspect, is deliberately vague.

We’ve contacted Blizzard locally for comment on the issue and will update the story when we hear back.


  • I bought a physical disc copy so I’ve had no problems playing it, but it would suck for those that are having this issue.

    I haven’t noticed too many threads in the forums complaining about this though, so it’s probably fairly isolated.

  • 12 Days is nothing. After initially logging on to Wings of Liberty after it was released and playing through a few missions I suddenly started getting the ‘time to upgrade to the full product’ message and being limited to the ‘demo’ missions, despite having the full version (disc) and having played 2 missions after Outbreak (Outbreak being the first mission after the ‘demo’ missions). I tried contacting Blizzard tech support about 8 times over a 2 month period. Nada. Their FAQ problem solving pages were BS, I couldn’t find any help in the forums and Blizzard couldn’t be bothered responding. And this wasn’t even during the release period. In my final email, I politely told them to go fornicate themselves with an iron rod. The next response I get from them will be the first.

    The thing that really sucks was I bought the game again (at a massive discount– I’m not paying them full price again for something I already own) because the content of the game wasn’t the problem. It was Battlenet and their shitty, shitty tech support. I remember when they used to show their customers a great deal of respect in their dealings with them. Now, they seem to be intoxicated with their own dickish hype.

    • I’ve seen quite a few threads on the forums complaining about this. Personally I never had a problem, but there seems to be a lot of users with the issue that the game seems to think it’s the starter version when it’s not, and is constantly asking to upgrade to the standard edition, while not allowing you full access to the game.

      There’s one possible fix that’s been suggested, your system clock could be set to an incorrect time and date. If you change it to be correct, some users have reported that it has solved their problem. Doesn’t work for everyone, but you could give it a shot.

  • I had a look on the forums and there is a thread that explains that the dvd is essentially useless and the entire game has to be downloaded even if you have it. check it out if you want

  • Just another example of legitimate customers getting hurt because companies are too paranoid and greedy to make a game just work right out of the box.

  • This is why i hardly download or purchase digital software. I prefer the boxed copy rather then the virtual copy i may have to download again if i HDD dies

  • Weird, because I bought it digitally literally yesterday and it seems to have worked fine for the bunch of missions I played

  • I’m having the exact same problem, i’ve bought the game for 30 pound or so, its got the authen key an the flash box with the pictures an that, its the dogs B.
    After playing 2 or 3 missions its saying i gotta upgrade to the full version??? WTF
    i love blizzard games they are class, so i am a bit miffed with this, what is going on? what should i do? i’m not paying for it again!!!
    Any help?

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