These Real-Life Space Invaders Aren't Real, But They Still Scare The Crap Out Of Me

Remember that amazing episode of Futurama where Fry asks the 'What if' machine what would happen if real life was more like video games? Classic stuff. Immediately earth is invaded by real-life Space Invaders and it's hilarious. But... what NASA's Hubble Telescope looked deep into the stars and found an actual thing that looked like a Space Invader — would you be laughing then?

Incredibly, that has just sorta happened. NASA has found a cluster of galaxies that, as a result of some strange light bending gravitational pulls, actually looks a lot like a Space Invader. It isn't of course, it's a trick of light, but it looks pretty cool!


    The pic isn't showing up for some reason... it's just showing the Kotaku logo.
    EDIT: Just realized that it's a link, and not embedded.
    Also, it kinda looks like the Zoni from Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction.

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      I guess NASA got to Mark before too many people could see the image....

    Space is too damn big. There are too many stars.
    Hold me, I'm scared.

    Extra terrestrial threats don't bother me. Personally I think any aliens advanced enough to get here would either just ignore us because we're still stupid chimps, or obilerate us because we're stupid chimps. Either way, nothing to be done about it. Movies like Contagion scare me much more - germs are real!

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