Thief Steals Fake iPhone, Is Caught While Returning It

Pickpocketing is a major issue in a lot of places, and China is no different. Crack open any Chinese travel guide and there will be whole sections dedicated to techniques to prevent pickpocketing — however, there doesn't seem to be any guides on what to do when reverse pickpocketing occurs.

In Yiwu, Zhejiang province, police were called to the local produce market Sunday morning to stop two men from fighting. The two, a Mr Leung and a Mr Wei, were trading blows over what appeared to be a failed pickpocketing attempt.

Leung was shopping around the market and had taken his iPhone out to check the time. Then he returned it to his pocket and carried on with his shopping. At one point, he reached into his pocket again, only to find that his phone was gone. Instead of freaking out, like most people would, Leung was unphased — the iPhone that he was carrying was a cheap imitation.

As Leung was leaving the market, he was bumped into by a man and he noticed a hand in his pocket — Wei's hand. Wei had stolen Leung's fake iPhone and was trying to place it back into Leung's pocket.

Leung at first wanted Wei to apologise and admit to the theft, and then call everything even, considering no one was hurt. Wei on the other hand denied any wrongdoing. Then, the two started a fight.

When the police arrived they questioned both men. In the end, they found that Wei had a record for pickpocketing smartphones in the area. Wei said that he saw Leung with his phone and followed him for a bit. When he took the phone, he realised it was fake and thought that it was worthless so he tried to return it.

"The phone was a cheap knockoff! It's worth nothing," said Wei. "How dare he walk around with a poor imitation?"

Wei, according to the police, was unashamed of his actions and is sitting in detention.

小偷偷到山寨iPhone嫌差 塞回失主口袋时被抓 [People's Daily]

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    "How dare you walk around with a lesser phone that I can't got more money from after stealing it from you"

    Logic much?

    Interestingly enough, we had fake completely non functioning apple devices on display, the ones that had a home screen printed on look terrible. Yet it hasent stopped two fake iPad 2s, 1x fake iPhone 4s and a fake iPhone 5 going missing from display. Obviously couldn't care less due to there value. But it's unbelievable the levels people stoop to stealing even devices that in my opinion are obviously fake, but there lust/greed gets in the way. We actually recovered one unit from a customer causing a scene decided he'd get his own back by stealing an fake iPhone 5..... That backfired as we had the theft and the physical threats all on camera :)

      I remember an article stating someone had bought an iPad or iPhone thinking it was the real deal, but after buying it realised it was fake and demanded compensation.
      I wonder if those stealing the fake products would use that reasoning to try to get a real replacement.

        I remember an article saying a woman bought an iPad in a parking lot outside a shopping center.

        She paid around $100 for it.

        ... on closer inspection it was carved from wood.

    Vidya Games.

    Loving the tenuous link here.

    Oh China... You don't even want your dodgy mobile phones.

    The victim seemed like he took it well at first, only wanting an apology.

    It's also a little odd that the thief tried to 'unsteal' it instead of just dumping it. He's nicer than most thieves

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