This Almost Makes Up For Europe Waiting Over A Year For Persona 4 Arena

Japan was playing the Persona fighting game in March of 2012. North America got its chance in August. Europe has to wait until May 10, but if you preorder at Game, they'll score this awesome 12-inch vinyl copy of the arrange soundtrack for their troubles. Man, I would have totally waited until May for a chance at one of these.

No, I wouldn't. In fact, writing this has made me want to play a little more later today, but were I European I wouldn't feel bad at all, given this Game-exclusive gift.

OK, I would be completely upset, but that's the problem with living in a region with all of the languages. Persona 4 Arena's story mode is more than a dozen hours long, and 98 per cent of that is text.

What I am saying is pick a language, you guys. It doesn't have to be English. I hear German is nice. It'll take a little learning, but you'll get your preorder goodies so much faster.


    I made the mistake of trying to buy the us version on the psn, only to find out it is region locked.

      When did you purchase it? It was already announced to be region lock since before it was released in US

        Yes but the expectation would have been that it was only physical copies that would be region locked. Apparently not.

      Wait even the psn version is region locked? Man I was just about to do the same.

      I did the same thing yesterday, dammit!! Went and bought a fightstick pro while it was downloading and came home only to read those heartbreaking words : this game cannot be played due to region restrictions.
      They should at least put a warning on it.

    Hi letrico :P Damn addictive vinyls

      Hi kitty lol. I wonder if it will break if we were to import it. I don't trust post for fragile stuff.

    Eb gets a normal CD with Artwork on it, also bonus digital stuff.

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      I think thats just a general preorder bonus here. JBHiFi has the same promo

        You can even get it off of ozgameshop.

          I was pointing out that Aus doesn't get the vinyl version by the look of it

      So tempted. Should I get this? Oh my poor poor wallet. XD

    No interest in this myself, but arrange editions are cool. And vinyls are cool. The two in one? I would explode at that.

    So...... Bandai gives EU an artbook, OST, Costume DLC for a few months delay on Tales of Graces.

    For 1 year delay atlus gives us...... an OST! *facepalm*

      Atlus doesn't give us anything, they don't even acknowledge our existence. They just hand over the rights to publish to other European localisers, so it's understandable that we're not getting a lot of bonuses.

    May I also add thank u very much Mr Fahey for the brilliantly veiled word of jest to players of the PAL region for the delays. Truly you are a master of your craft!

    That was sarcasm btw...

    Too bad we can't get this as they won't ship the bonus internationally sighhhh

    I'm trying to resist the urge to make a thinly veiled comment about how we can at least speak one language properly. It's also interesting that Mr Fahey forgot the Latin-American population that speaks Spanish.

    Still, Persona 4 Arena! Finally! My excitement has been renewed.

    I managed to buy it 3 months back or so off playasia and haven't had any locking issues... :/

    Kinda glad too, I had no idea

    Edit: I'm an idiot, I was thinking of persona 4 golden


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    I picked up a US PS3 just to play this game. That was six month ago. Bloody hell.

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