This Animated Zelda Cake Is The Most Impressive Thing You'll See Today

Holy crap. Kotaku reader Will Turnbow and his wife made this cake for their daughter's 10th birthday, and I think it's no exaggeration to say this is the coolest thing you'll see today.

Based on The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the cake includes Skyloft, the Sealed Grounds, the Faron Woods, and a lot of characters and other intricate details from the game.

"The Temple entrance is six batches of Rice Krispies and the backside of the temple is nine cakes stacked as high as we could make it," Turnbow writes on his YouTube video's description. "The small tower on either side are styrofoam wrapped with fondant. My wife made and painted all of the characters out of clay except for Link (I was able to use my Figma Link)."

Insanity. Nice work, Mr and Mrs Turnbow.


    As if a cake could be- OH MY GOD!

      I was the same. My reaction?

      "Zelda cake. Animated. Pffft someones probably dropped an ipad with a video in a bloody cake...............WHAT THE HELL IS THIS I WANT IT OH MY GOD!"

    How can this even be considered a cake, this is a work of art.
    Also this video reminds me of how AMAZING some of the soundtrack for this game was.

    where do you even start to eat it....?

    Can you eat it?

      Would you want to?


        They look spectacular (like those cake shows on the food/lifestyle channels) but so much of them is made up of fondant for the detail/outside that it does turn me off eating them.

    I will never, ever love anyone enough to make this for them.

    As impressive as this is, the game is still a dud to me

    I just nerdgasmed. That is amazing, I hope they have a non cake version to keep forever.

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