This Chrono Trigger/Jay-Z Mash Up Is The Best Thing You'll Ever Hear, *Ever*.

This is so good. I am almost in tears at how good this is. I love Chrono Trigger, but specifically I love its soundtrack. I also love Jay-Z. I can't believe no-one ever thought about mixing the two together until now — but this incredible mash-up is here and it's amazing.

Just click on the above. Seriously — that's just one track. There's a whole album of this stuff and you must listen to it. It's just perfect. Great idea, brilliantly put together. This is all I'm doing for the rest of the day. Seriously.

Oh here's another one — just for the hell of it!

It's been put together by 2 Mello, a producer/rapper who, according to his bio, 'plays a lot of video games'. I love it. Absolutely love it. You can follow him on Twitter here or on Facebook.

Head here for the whole album.


    Sorry Mark, but this isn't a X/Space Jam mash up, so it's out of the race for "Best thing".

      X as in the Dylan Cuthbert Game Boy game? :o

      Space Jam mash ups are way too overdone at the moment, I meant it's been what? 2 years?
      It's just been done to death.

    I politefully disagree.

    Putting aside the fact that I'm simply not a fan of Jay-Z's style of music, Chrono Trigger remains my favourite game of all time; part of what makes it my favourite is the amazing soundtrack the game has. The original will forever be better than anything you could possibly mash it with.

      I'm a big Jay-Z fan, so I'm pretty much losing my mind over this.

        Not a JayZ fan, but goddamn if that wasn't good easy listening.
        brb downloading, cheers for the link!

    another repost? get your shit together kotaku its getting ridiculous

      I knew I'd seen it before!

      That post is for one of the songs, this post is about the album that the dude just released.

    He's the guy who's married to Beyonce, right?

      No, I don't think 2Mello is married to Beyonce.

    I'mma let you finish, but Kanye is the best rapper of all time! ALL TIME!

    *kidding, I dislike Kanye's music and attitude*

    Never played Chrono Trigger, but I've loved every remix of the black album I've heard. This is no exception.

      @markserrels Mark, are you really letting this guy continue to not play Chrono Trigger?

        There needs to be some serious Chrono re-education applied to this individual...Clockwork Orange style.

    The word "Jigga" makes me laugh. Not entirely sure why.

      That is now what I am calling you

      Or just going "Jimu What"

    I loved Chrono Trigger. I just played it last year. But I was playing it on my phone on the bus to/from work... so I've never actually heard the music... Judging from this article that was wrong of me.

      Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Check some of that stuff out, a 16bit classic!

      Get headphones and play it again! You get to play through a great game again and hear the great music that goes with it!

      This: is the medicine you need...

    I'm trying my best to be objective here, but mixing non-2pac American rap with Yasunori Mitsuda creates a sacrilegious friction so deep I can't deal with it. Nicely mixed though.

    More like Gay Z, amirite?
    Chrono Trigger's music is great enough without some jerk talking over it.

    Okay you know what, this is pretty damn awesome. Mitsuda's CT OST just works for rap, look at Whiz Khalifa ;)

    Sorry, I absolutely hate it.

    2 Mello took the music from one of my favourite RPGs of all time and butchered it.
    It's a disgrace to Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda what he did to their music.

    Yeh, I'm pretty sure people who hate rap would disagree with you there. Nicely put together though. For me, it was basically like taking sandpaper and putting it in my salami and cheese sandwich. Yeh, it's still kinda tasty but damn does it hurt my face.

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