This Gory BioShock Infinite Trailer Shows Off Booker's Big Guns

Irrational Games, the company behind BioShock, has just released this spectacular combat trailer for the series' newest instalment, BioShock Infinite. Many of the weapons protagonist Booker DeWitt will get to use are put on full display.

Look at that imagery. That statue. Those huge guns. Man, I think I'm in love with that minigun.

Along with the trailer, two new screenshots have also been revealed. You can have a look at them below.

BioShock Infinite releases worldwide on March 26. Not much longer now!


    This game looks great, but am I the only one who thinks this game would be 100 times better if Bruce Campbell was voicing Booker?

    Dude's hand looks brutal, like it's rotting away or gangrenous, it's even got the bones showing!

    Yep, already bought this game.
    Interesting enough Its not always online and I don't need Origin.
    Whats the bet when I play this game on March 26th I'll be able to actually play it?

    Please don't be another Col: Marines though..
    But I've not been let down with Bioschock 1 and 2 that I purchased.

      I highly doubt you will be disappointed, they've scrapped multiplayer to work on the campaign more, I think its going to be a real contender for game of the year. Going to be great!!!

        Only if more developers did this. I am sick of the mulitplayer being added to games just for the sake of adding it. Everyone knows the multiplayer never lasts for long unless it has cod or halo in its title.

    Not long now!! I got myself the songbird edition. :D

    Last edited 15/03/13 11:48 am

      I left it too late for the Songbird Ed. I am quite bummed, to say the least.

        When I see a special edition I want, I always check to see if they have it and pre-order it through them. No deposits needed and they don't charge your card till they ship it, you can also cancel at anytime. So you get time to decide on whether you want it or not. They are based in NZ and often have the EB "exclusives".

        Sorry if you already knew this.

          I did not. Thanks for the tip. :-)

            I hope you see this! I just spotted this on ebgames -

            They have a few songbird editions left. 360 and pc only.

            Last edited 19/03/13 6:05 pm

              Once again your diligence and helpfulness has rewarded me.....Order placed! Thanks.

              Wow...unless EB are playing the 'purposely holding back a product to drive up consumer demand', a day after you posted this news, the Songbird Edition has been removed from their website. :-)

                You still got to keep your order though?

                I used to work for EB - that is just one of their many tricks they use! Especially with any cod editions.

                  Yeah, I got in with my order before that happened.

    Oh hey what's this flask I found in this strange place? I don't know but I better drink it OH GOD WHAT'S HAPPENING TO MY HANDS

    Can't wait! I've had my Songbird Edition on preorder since the day it was announced. Only problem is I'll be away from gaming for the four-day weekend that follows its release. Might leave it for the following weekend, if my willpower can handle setting it aside for 11 days... and disconnecting myself from gaming sites for the same interim... :( Oh, well, it's not like I've got no other games to distract me.

    Im going to say it again. . .
    The ending to Infinite will be the flying city crashing into the ocean and sinking where, years later, Andrew Ryan will discover and rebuild it into rapture.
    Makes sense.

    The visuals are so dated even with such a high production-value financing this project.

    Consoles! Gotta love their effect on PC gaming, eh?

      Yeah what a shame about the graphics, I am so very disappointed... And sad, so very sad.

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