This Is A First-Person Soda Drinking Sim. It's The Weirdest Thing Ever

How am I just becoming aware of this? Seriously. If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to drink soda in various different locations, such as the beach, the park, or ever space — Soda Drinker Pro is the game for you. It's the world's first and only FPS (First-Person Soda) and it is a work of staggering genius.

I don't know what made me stop at this stand during PAX. It could have been the Soda. It could have been the incredible amount of research put into this video game. It leaks through the pores of this picture perfect simulation. Dozens, dozens of sodas have been consumed in an attempt to get the drinking mechanics just right. To make it as pro as it possibly could be and boy is it ever pro. It's a visceral, totally addicting look at the soda drinking scene. Have you ever wanted to drink a Soda in space? Now is your chance.

Soda Drinker Pro is now on Steam Greenlight. The people have begged for a Soda Drinking Simulation and now they're going to get one. And it's in the first-person perspective, so you just know it's the most immersive soda drinking game you'll ever get the chance to play.

Head here to download and play. It will change the way you think about Soda forever.


    @markserrels ... should we be worried about you? or is this really going to be a game changer for first person games?

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    This is a joke right? Some heavy handed commentary on the sudden fascination with social involvement and crowd sourced content and funding?

    There's gotta be something in that soda. I dunno what he's drinking, but I want some of it....

    They probably created this with the game name generator and rolled with it.

    "Soda", such a twee old fashioned charming little Americanism... It's the cat's pyjamas!

    I'm sure it's going to have micro-transactions too. Think of the possibilities, you could pay for more ice, or a different cup, or even diet or zero sugar alternatives, new locations, sign up to a social media account and drink with friends. If your bladder gets too full, pay for a toilet break and drink some more! You could even buy a little umbrella and a slice of lemon. I hope it has Occulus Rift support. I want to really feel like I'm there, drinking soda.

    They haven't even modeled the liquid physics. It's just a cup, with the cap on and a straw sticking out of it.

    It you're playing this game, you've redefined what it means to waste your life playing games. What on earth is the payoff here?

      rofl someone is taking this a bit too seriously.

      you can drink all kinds of soda in so many different locations...(you couldn't really do that in real life) and there aren't any consequences... there's the payoff right there!

    It's a joke that crap like this gets the privilege of competing with actual games like Zafehouse Diaries to be Greenlit.

    When is this coming to Vita?
    I'd sure like to virtually drink soda while I'm out and about.

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