This Is Both An Amazing And A Lame Way To Die In Call Of Duty

Lame or anticlimactic kill cams aren't so rare: in fact, I'd bet that most of the final kills we view at the end of multiplayer matches aren't noteworthy at all. But there's weak endings to a match... and then there's this.

Dying by way of care package also isn't new — heck, there's medals for it in previous Call of Duty games. It's never happened to me and I've never done it to someone else, but they happen. As a final kill cam though? What a way to go. I'd probably go between feeling humiliated and tickled that something like that happened to me.

The video above, by YouTube user Stephanie Peters, is a recent Black Ops II clip showcasing this unfortunate/amazing type of death. There are older ones, like this one, and this one.

They all just reinforce how absurd this type of death is as a final kill cam, really. Can't think of a worse way to die in a kill cam, but feel free to show us videos of your own examples!

Skeph658 - Black Ops II Game Clip [Stephanie Peters]


    Yep, ive been both humiliated by this in a final kill cam and also gotten a couple myself.
    I've even seen a guy in blops 1 kill himself with his own in a final kill cam, its was crazy funny, it actually bounced off a wall on its way down and landed on him in the corner he hid to avoid it.

    I lol'd in real life as well, that is a pretty funny way to end a match

    One of my favourite game modes on MW3 was Drop Zone, so I used to see a lot of this. Still makes me laugh though, especially on BO2 where it rarely happens.

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