This Is How Warren Spector And Will Wright Would Make A Game About Love

Love. Let's face facts. Video games have done a pretty piss poor job of representing it. But is it possible to represent love in a video game and, if so, how can it be done? This was the question that was asked at a GDC panel in 2004, and this is how Will Wright and Warren Spector answered.

Will Wright's solution? A first person kisser. The world needs this game. I need this game. Warren Spector's solution? Well, he doesn't really have one — but discusses how difficult it is to make characters fall in love with virtual characters.

But I'm not entirely sure. I definitely feel as though I've fallen in love with video game characters before — even badly written, uninteresting ones. Interactivity often hides a multitude of sins, and I've found myself really empathising with poorly crafted characters in video games, whether I was playing as them, alongside them, or rescuing them.

It's an interesting topic, and the full video is well worth watching if you have an hour to kill.

Video: Famous designers attempt to make a game about falling in love [Gamasutra]

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    Play the Metal Gear Series.... it's a love story! ;D

    Would be interesting to see how the answers change with the advent of motion-sensing peripherals in the last nine years.

    A first-person kisser, for example, could quickly be bumped up from PG to god-knows-what depending on what you can do with your hands :P

    Japan's already got 'love' games for ages. Even comes with... peripherals for you to express your love to your waifu.

      In all seriousness though, it's a great concept, but I am not so sure about whether we need one. I'm sure we have at some point in time fall in love with a game character - like Mark said. If the aim is to make them fall in love with an interactive game character that loves you back though, again the Japanese has done this time and time again. Read: Love+.

    Rambo: Last Blood will never be topped as the ultimate portrayal of love in a video game.

    The inevitable zombie apocolypse always provides the perfect atmosphere for love - just look at The Walking Dead. No one can say they didn't fall in love with Clementine.

    Isn't it just cheaper to sit on your left hand for 5 minutes and then pretend it's someone else's?

      ... or until it goes blue and pretend it's smurfette......

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