This Is My Favourite Mario Medley On The Internet

There are a lot of videos of people playing Mario songs on the piano. A lot. But this one, this is my new favourite.

I think it's how effortless he makes it all look. It's all done in one take, so it just looks and feels like a really accomplished piano player just messing around. It's great. You should watch it.

Thanks Will!


    Dammit this is just like how every time I'd figure out something on piano, a few days later Merc would show up and have done exactly the same thing. Only jazzier. Wish I could make things sound more interesting like that.

    Oh well, at least I squeezed more songs in mine :P

      Link? :D

        Haha, no recording exists yet. The only one I've ever videoed was the SM64 Final Bowser theme, going back a fair few years. Always meant to get around to recording more, just so I could have the various pieces captured at their prime before I went and forgot them all, still hasn't happened yet though.

          You should do some recordings for Potaku ;)

            That would feel kinda hypocritical or something... since I am a bad person who has never even listened to Potaku >.>

    should be wearing at least a yoshi shirt instead of

    Good playing tho

    That's one happy dude :D

    Of course I'd be one happy chappy too if I could play like that... dayum!

    Is it just me... or is he a Wiggle?

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