This Is What One Guy Thinks The PS4 Will Look Like

Let's all remember: We haven't seen the PlayStation 4 yet. Along with games that were purportedly running on the system specs, Sony's event last month only showed viewers the controller.

So it's still up for grabs as to what the actual console will look like. That means that renders like the one above are still fair game. This vision of a would-be PS4... it's boxy. Can we get some curves up in there, Sony?


    I'm still hoping for a Retro Evolved PSX design!

    I like it. Would sit well in most peoples entertainment setups. No real need to have them all streamlined and all this other useless nonsense. Nice sleek box.

    This "one guy" surely has no industrial design education, as there's clearly no design (it's literally a black box!).

    Also, this idea was done significantly better as the black Wii.

    Why do people with zero design skills actually bother trying to design these things?

    After the Wii U I think the era of white consoles is at an end!

    I don't understand how the design of a black box (Of which I describe the Wii, Wii U and both 360's) can be inspired by specs.

    Also did Sony say anything about two HDMI ports? Because I don't see why it would need them.

    screw curves. the current ps3 looks like balls.
    make it look like the rest of my av gear.

    I suspect it will look like one of Sony's newer Blu-ray players. Those things are hot.

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