This Is What The First Playable Version Of XCOM: Enemy Unknown Looked Like

Today at Firaxis' panel at PAX East, the developers showed off the first version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown before it was scrapped for what you played last year.

They worked on what you see above for about a year before ditching it.


    video fail

      Yep, looks like it was taken down after it was scheduled. It's fixed now.

    It DOES look awesome.

    But the "simplified" version was probably the way to go. I just wish they hadn't imposed the arbitrary limit of one squad with a maximum of 6 members. It seriously broke immersion that you could have a ton of troops, a ton of interceptors, but ONE Skyranger and only 6 guys even when multiple cities were being attacked and when the fate of the world was on the line.

    It did look alright, but im happy with the xcom they came out with :)
    Although i must ask why have they allowed it that u can only invade 1 alien base, and only have 1 skyranger and 1 main base with troops the original xcom game you could have multiple bases with not just aircraft facilities but also for personnel, such as scientist, Engineers even soldiers that you could launch multiple ground missions unlike the recently released Xcom where you can only choose 1 of the 3 Abduction missions or so on to Investigate :( but apart from that its a really good game

    It is basically what the game should have been before it was dumbed down.

    The reason why? If you read between the lines of the commentary, essentially the guy is saying that it was too hard to get right.

    So they made a playdough console version instead.

      Yep. I don't believe for a second that what they released was better than this footage. I'd have bought this ....I've tried the new Xcom and couldn't stomach how it treated you like a 10 year old kid all the way through. As far as tactics go, I'm sure the old version would have been much more flexible.

      I don't know what game you guys played, but it's certainly not the XCOM: Enemy Unknown that I've been playing lately.

        I played the version where I beat it once on the setting below impossible in ironman mode, then uninstalled it in disgust. Xcom with zero replayability.. What a joke.

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