This Japanese Sword Will Amaze You

Last year, a Japanese sword exhibit that featured Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired blades was held in Okayama Prefecture.

This weekend on Twitter, a friend of one of the traditional craftsmen who participated in the event apparently said he created a short sword to leave something behind, whether it's this Asuka carving or whatever, so that it will continue to exist in the future. It will. On the internet.

The other blades that went on display last year were quite impressive. This Asuka sword, however, might be the most impressive. Below are more photos of the blade.

こうなってしまったでござる [@betafujihara] ヱヴァンゲリヲンと日本刀展(備前長船刀剣博物館)行きました [Shiuzy!]


    I'm truly sorry but I am not amazed, in fact I'm rather disappointed, post one with a dragon in that small area then i shall be amazed

      Seriously? Even if you don't like it, the time and effort that goes in to forging the blade as well as the skill required to carve the figure in to the steel is an amazing feat

    That is a horrendously dangerous and quite ugly display stand.

      Looks like it is just displaying the blade. No hilt attached. I do agree about it being dangerous but you can see it is so that the figure of Asuka is upright instead of on her side.

    Now if the hilt was shaped as Asuka, and the blade long and straight... we would have a work of art.

    You could be handling your Asuka doll at the same time as slashing... instead of worrying that someone would damage the Asuka living in your blade.

    yer, sorry, I'm also not amazed. I wouldn't accept this for free to add to my collection.

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