This Man Claims To Be Behind The Phantom Pain, And He's Not Kojima

When The Phantom Pain was announced, one thought was on everyone's mind: it's gotta be Metal Gear related, and "Joakim Mogren", the CEO at Moby Dick studios, is really just Kojima. Evidence seemed to point that way, anyway. So who is this dude?

The picture comes from a tweet from Geoff Keighley.

Here is the picture in full:

Amazing. If it's not obvious, "Joakim's" bandages are a shout-out to the protagonist in the trailer, who is also bandaged. It also means we still don't quite know who Joakim is.

What do you think? Just Moby Dick studios being silly, or is this an elaborate ruse to get us to believe that no, really, guys. It's not Metal Gear Solid?


    Just Kojima going all out wiht his gag imo. Don't know who the guy in the photo si ofcourse, but kojima is pulling the strings.

    Actually, let's pretend that Kojima was the one who did this guys bandages!

    Maybe with Rising out of the way we can start hearing about the real games.

    "Joakim" is an anagram of Kojima.

      Yes, but what is "Mogren" an anagram of?

        Not really an anagram, but it does have the word 'Orge' in the middle of it, which could be a reference to Kojima's Ogre project.

        Well, after searching for abit, watching some Game Grumps Fanimation and Sexual Lobster Cartoons. I didn't find anything :P



    I like how Joakim is an anagram of Kojima.

    His name is also an anagram of A Gem Rink Mojo and Among Joke Rim.

    The real mask is under the bandages and that is Kojima

    Some people are saying it's Cliff Blezinski. I would shit my pants if that's true.

      There's very good evidence for it.

        When I started reading that article I was like 'yeah, nah', but by the end I was all 'nah, yeah!'.

    speculation at neogaf
    Joakim’s is a CGI running on fox engine

      Yep, animation looks very artificial to me, as do the shadows and bandage translucency.

      EDIT: Aside from the photo, obviously. I think that has been edited. Either that or the video has been reverse engineered to look like CG so that Kojima can troll everyone.

      Last edited 15/03/13 9:24 pm

    i'm thinking why Big Boss is all bandaged up...? Will Phantom Pain be set between the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake? or even after MG2:SS? coz why does he have an artificial hand and who is that burnt face guy (Frank Jaeger after he was beaten by Solid Snake in MG2?)? Oh maaaan I cannot wait for a full reveal and can't wait for the game!!!

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