This Man Will Break Your Jaw, Beat You At Street Fighter 2, Then Eat Your KFC

New Zealander Mark Hunt is probably the most unlikely mixed martial artist in history. Despite the fact he stands at five feet and 10 inches, he fights at heavyweight. Let's just say he's a little bit rotund. Just this weekend he knocked out Stefan Struve, a seven foot tall giant. The incredible photo above displays the punch that did it. That left hook broke Stefan Struve's jaw and put him out cold. As a fan of MMA I was aware of all this — but I didn't know that Mark Hunt is also a fairly decent Street Fighter 2 player!

Mark Hunt fights out of Sydney, Australia and is actually one of the UFC's greatest stories in the making. His contract came part and parcel when the UFC acquired the Japanese promotion Pride. As a chubby kickboxer coming off multiple losses, the UFC wanted no part of Mark Hunt. They even offered to buy out his contract. In short the UFC would have preferred to pay him not to fight than feature him on any of their cards. He was a fighter famous for eating KFC, not the image they were looking for in a potential champion.

But now Mark Hunt is on a rare four win streak and is on the verge of a title shot. His monosyllabic interviews have become legendary. At the end of the month he turns 39 and this overweight, KFC loving, Street Fighting man could very soon be on top of the world.

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    I thought Struve was possibly still defending himself, but it was a mean KO and he could have went on with it to really hurt him.

      Herb must have seen something we couldn't. He always makes the right call, best ref in the business.

        he asked hunt if he was going to finish him and hunt started to go back in but then herb saw the situation. great call in my opinion. another punch to struve could have done some serious damage seeing at how broken his jaw already was.

          His jaw was broken and his teeth were stuck in the side of his mouth. There was no way he could have kept fighting, not with his terrible defense.

          Normally Herb would have let him eat a few more but once Hunt walked away it was clear he was done.

            hunt was heading to the showers. he knew it was over haha. struve really needs to learn how to use his range. he never uses it to his advantage. he needs to take note of how semmy schilt fights. jabs and front kicks to keep opponents away.

    Struve was still conscious but he was unable to continue, he was stunned, he didn't have his hands up and if Hunt had of jumped on him for some ground and pound he would of demolished Stuve in a very brutal way. Herb Dean made the right call.

    You should check out the x-ray of Stuve's jaw, its pretty bad.

      so brutal. he put struves tooth into his cheek too.

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