This New Watch Dogs Trailer Shows What Happens When You Hack A City

In Ubisoft's upcoming techno-action game, hacker Aiden Pearce will be able to access information systems all over the city of Chicago. What does he do with that info? Have a look at the new promo clip and see.


    Meh, already seen this scene.... hurry up game, you look amazing !!!

    this was the video at the PS4 conference. with the added commentry and different view points of multiplayer. very nice

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    Wow, I'd love to know what that is running on, it looks amazing.

      It runs on the disruption engine hence the name from the hacking XD

    That particular video had to have been running on either 360 or PS3.

    a) Didn't look anywhere near as good as other footage shown

    b) Framerate was pretty bad

    I swear to god, with the amount of hype I have for this game I'm going to end up buying 3 copies of it.

      Well I will one for ps 3 one for ps4 and one for pc :3


    a breakdown of an existing trailer to explain every element that was obvious in the original release? Is this the game trailer equiv of TV shows showing a flashback to 5mins prior for the dumbasses that missed/forgot OBVIOUS PLOT THING?

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