This New Zeno Clash II Gameplay Trailer Is Crazy Awesome

Let's admit, the first Zeno Clash was fairly bonkers — but, by the looks of things, the sequel raises the bar on the insanity quite a bit.

You get to suplex hairy dudes, punch bird people and talk to some guy with a palette for a mouth. Just like in other first person beat-em-ups! But seriously, go watch the trailer, it's great.

Zeno Clash II is landing on the Xbox 360, the PS3 and the PC sometime in 2013.


    The first Zeno Clash was absolutely fantastic, I'm psyched that there's a sequel coming out and that we get to see more of the surreal world of Zenozoic. Seriously if you haven't played the original Zeno Clash, buy it on Steam. It's hands down the best first person brawler you will ever play.

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