This Real-Life World Of Warcraft Quest Changed Two People's Lives Forever

World of Warcraft player Alex found a really creative way to present an engagement ring to her girlfriend Clara, who also plays the game: a quest chain, which includes some romantic real-life activities. All he needed was a papercraft template for a chest, a site where he could make custom WoW tooltips and the ring (a legendary one, probably).

You can see below how the story unfolds.

The Quest Chain of a Lifetime [Khalanil - Blogspot]


    >Alex found a really creative way to present an engagement ring to her girlfriend Clara.
    >her girlfriend Clara.

    Good job mucking up a single paragraph puff-piece.

      Because we all know there's no such thing as same sex relationships, right?

        Except they're referred to as a he the very next sentence, soo....

        It's all a lie that the Illuminati spread to garmlsdfffffffffffGQ [ ,gggggggggggg.

        but throughout the rest of the piece Alex is referred to as a 'he'. Look, Alex might not want to conform to society's labels and all that, but it's more likely that it's just a result of some poor editing.

      I know, I got all hot and bothered for a second.

      Stupid Kotaku and their complete lack of editors so mixed up pronouns somehow make it into the final published 'article.'

    This is so adorable.

    Clearly you didn't notice the rest of the article uses the term he.

    Why are we celebrating the fact that to get a wedding ring, she was forced to murder a bunch of Little People at a pub?

    This is just sick.

      Forced? I'd say that the activity was its own reward.
      If someone gave me a quest to go sleep with the current crop of Playboy Playmates and rate their performances, I wouldn't be moaning about it. During, yes, but not in a bad way.

        Shame that one would never leave your quest log.

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