This Remote Controlled Mako Is A Smooth Ride, Unlike The One From Mass Effect

Remember the Mako in the first Mass Effect? It could brave insane terrain, sure, but that also meant it was far from a smooth ride. This remote controlled Mako by Laura Ducros, though? Smooth as butter.

To be fair, it's also just traversing flat terrain. Who knows what would happen if it was rocky alien terrain?

"On September 4th, 2012, I made an announcement that I was building a remote controlled Mako from Mass Effect," Durcos explains in the YouTube description. "Exactly 6 months later, it's a reality! It drives and the cannon turns. I'm not able to scale 89 degree walls just yet... that will come in due time."

She uses this Mako as a prop when cosplaying as Shepard at conventions. Cool.

Mass Effect RC Mako [Laura Ducros]


    its not bouncing nearly as much as the real mako :D

    Looks rubbish. The wheelbase is way too short for the body. Nice effort but they really should put a longer wheelbase on it.

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