This Renegade Shepard Probably Beats Your Renegade Shepard

Sterling Archer, the star behind the animated spy sitcom airing on the FX network (also called Archer!), is hands down one of the biggest jerks on TV. We're talking like, someone so awful that he makes Walter White from Breaking Bad look like a nice, upstanding guy.

He's rude. He's self-centred. He's a womaniser. He's brazen. He has some serious mummy issues.

Hmm. Archer makes for the perfect character to base a renegade playthrough of Mass Effect, don't you think? I'm all the more convinced by the @ArcherShepard Twitter account, which tweets things that you can practically hear in Archer's voice.

For your consideration:

I think I might just have to make any future Mass Effect playthroughs based on Archer now.


    Can we get a H. Jon Benjamin voice pack DLC?

    I only recently played through Mass Effect, and there was one bit where Shepard says, "Can we all please just calm down?" and it sounded exactly like Archer. From there on in every piece of dialogue, etc was Archerfied in my head.

    One of the male voices in saints row the third sounded a lot like the archer VA, and the lines were very archer-eqse, it's what really made the game for me. Glad I picked that voice.

    This is super awkward for my Femshep who now sounds like Archer :\

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