This 'Toilets In Video Games' Tumblr Features My 'All-Time' Favourite Video Game Toilet

When I was young I would often judge video games on the quality of their toilets. Are they interactive? Can you flush them? Or, in the case of Duke Nukem 3D, can you actually use them? I take this shit seriously. Now there is a Tumblr dedicated solely to video game toilets. About time I say.

There are seriously a lot of toilets in this Tumblr. I don't want to post too many of them, because it's best you just click through and check them out yourself. I'd just like to highlight the above — my all-time favourite video game toilet.

It is, of course, the toilet from Goldeneye. The reason it is my favourite toilet is simple: it is a toilet integral to the level design in 'Facility', the level within which said toilet is located. Most of the time toilets are window dressing — it exists because you would expect buildings to have toilets. That is literally the only reason why it has been designed and placed in the environment. In Goldeneye you actually drop into the 'Facility level from the vent above the toilet. You can shoot a man using one. This is important. In Goldeneye the toilet is important.

This is why the toilet from Facility in Goldeneye will always be my favourite.

Video Game Toilets [Tumblr]

Thanks to David Wildgoose!


    I take this shit seriously.

    When talking about toilets, I'd hope you do... or you might be pissing the subject away!!!

      you've opened up a can of worms now.....

    Or, in the case of Duke Nukem 3D, can you actually use them? I take this shit seriously.

    I see what you did there.

    I loved those toilets. So many kills from that room haha.

    I don't mind an in game toilet as long as there is an in game sink to wash my in game hands.

    One of the things I had a problem with in Mass Effect was that the Normandy SR1 didn't seem to have any toilets. I post about it on the forums and the next thing you know, the Normandy SR2 has toilets... coincidence?

    Almost certainly but that's not going to stop me claiming sole responsibility for their inclusion damnit!

    Haha - great one. Strangely, I was able to pick each toilet from the game before it said the title.

    Ummm, Rooster Teeth did the Grossest Toilets in gaming a while back

    My all time favourite bathroom was in Blood - attempting to use the employee washbasin resulted in either "Out, ooouuuut, damn spot!" or a snarling "But I like my hands bloody!"

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