Those Scannable Pokémon Wii U Figures Finally Revealed!

Today, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company unveiled the upcoming near field communication toys for Pokémon Scramble U. Phew, finally!

The set includes Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Torchic, Piplup, Lucario, Victini and one special (or secret) Pokémon. According to The Pokémon Company, this is the "first set". The official release indicates that there will be more NFC Pocket Monster figures in the future.

As mentioned before, each figure is priced at ¥200 ($2) and will be sold through a capsule toy machine vending machine. That means you won't know what you're getting! And that means people will probably end up spending a lot to complete their set.

There's also a nifty carrying case for kids to cart around their figures in. The suggested retail price is ¥780 ($8).

For more on these NFC figures, be sure to read Kotaku previous coverage.


    I love this idea, except for the random vending machine part. I hope they don't carry that back here. I want to know what I am buying!

      I doubt it will due to that kind of thing not being as popular here, or in the west at all really, as it is in Japan. I personally find really disappointing, the surprise reminds me of buying TCG boosters, part of the fun is seeing what you received.

        Japan loves vending machines, like the machines that you can get used undies from.

        A great prospect of the randomness of acquisition is that it will encourage the franchise's trademark urge for consumers to 'Trade" with others to complete the collection.

        You think it's all well and good but the difference between capsule toys and blind-packed cards is that the packaging is usually transparent. I lived near a GAME where their capsule machine spewed out only the least-loved toys because the employees took all the popular ones. You can't exactly open booster packs and repackage them if they're duds.

    Why would they choose to go with all sharp corners and flat surfaces? I do not like the looks of these, Pikachu looks ridiculous....

      Isn't that pretty normal? They always look ridiculous.

    Honestly you think EB could get the Capsule machine in store. Heck they don't even need the machine really, but I do love the concept of a $2 Pokemon toy machine. You'd probably get sales from people who don't realise it's for a game.

    never understood why their toys in the game . im sure if they where "real" pokemon it would be more populer

    I like the vending machine idea (we already have nintendo/pokemon toy vending machines in some shopping centers so it isn't a stretch). But honestly, just selling them in Target at the checkouts would be the way to go. $2 is a good impulse buy price. Even kids (or their parents) without a Wii U would probably buy them just as Pokemon toys/collectables.

      Pretty sure they wont be $2 when they hit Australia.. I see these in little packets for at least $6 each

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