Tim Schafer: The Game: Part Deux

Tim Schafer: The Game: Part Deux

You’re Tim Schafer. You’re hosting the Game Developers Choice Awards. But, since you’ve shaved your beard, put on a tux instead of a t-shirt, and left all your jokes at home, the bouncer thinks you’re an impostor and refuses to let you in. That’s the premise of Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity.

Schafer hosting this year’s awards is the occasion for Double Fine’s newest flash adventure game, which is actually a sequel to a very similar one about 2009’s awards show. The traditional point-and-click control scheme is exchanged for more simple keyboard controls, with movement keys and a single interaction button. The hilarious puzzle-solving gameplay is still there though. There are even multiple endings! If you’ve got an hour or two to kill, make sure to give it a try.

The actual awards show is happening later today — hopefully, the real Schafer will find a way around the bouncer by that time.

New free game that’s free! And Tim hosting awards! [Double Fine]
Host Master Deux: Quest for Identity [Double Fine]

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