Tips For Playing BioShock Infinite

Columbia—the airborne, ultra-nationalist city where BioShock Infinite happens—holds lots of beauty. But it holds a lot of danger, too. Swarms of normal human assailants will attack Booker DeWitt as he tries to get Elizabeth out of the gorgeous sky-town and they’ll be joined by augmented Handymen, pyrokinetic Firemen and dudes that can turn flocks of murderous crows. The going can get rough at times, so I’ve assembled a few hints that might help make your time in Columbia a little easier.

Watch Your Salt.

You’re going to want to use Devil’s Kiss, Shock Jockey and the other special attacks in Infinite as much as possible. But they drain Salt—the in-game resource that powers your Vigors abilities—pretty quickly if you just spam them. So, be careful with your aim. And you’ll eventually be able to get several upgrades that will let your Vigors attacks chain from one enemy to the next. Grab those as soon as possible.

Upgrade your Shield early

Booker gets a magnetic force-shield early on in the game. As in Halo and other games with two-tiered health systems, it absorbs the first few hits of damage from enemy attacks and regenerates. When you find Infusions in the game, these colourful drinks will let you increase the amount of Salt, Health or Shield. It’s a good idea to start strengthening your Shield as early as you can, as you have less of it than the other attributes. A stronger Shield means living long enough to progress through more of the game without losing cash and health when you respawn.

Don’t ignore those sidequests

Every so often, you’ll stumble across optional sidequests in the game. Most of them have you hunting down things like keys for locked doors or items or codebooks to unlock ciphers. While you might be tempted to just plow through to the next section of the game, these side quests will often yield more Infusions and cash.

Listen to the lady

When you’re in a firefight, Elizabeth will helpfully throw you a health pack or an ammo clip when you’re running low. But this prompt—and the scavenged resource—disappears when the fight’s over so always grab Elizabeth’s ammo first. Also note that she dispenses ammo for the weapon you’re using, so if you’re not holding an empty weapon that you want to keep, switch to it before accepting her help.

Upgrade your machine gun and pistol attacks

They’re not the sexiest weapons in the game but they are the most plentiful. Walking around with a heater and/or RPG with no ammo isn’t going to get you anywhere. There are times you’re going to need whatever weapons happen to be close-by, which more often than not will be the machine gun and pistol. Purchase the damage upgrades. If you have to pick them up, make sure they pack more of a punch until you find something more powerful.

These are just a few hints that came to me as I played through BioShock Infinite. If you’ve got your own, please share in the discusions below.


    Upgrade the shotgun before the final chapters in the game. I got stuck at the end with an un-upgraded shotgun with no sniper or machine gun ammo fighting enemies that only used shotguns. Not a fun time.

    I played the whole thing with a Sniper Rifle and Hand Cannon. I upgraded both of those and plowed through the game.

      The hand cannon was my baby. Loved it, though it was weird going back to Counter-Strike and having my guns twitch all over the place instead of the 'straight-up' recoil of the hand cannon and sniper rifle.

    Games tuned out to be just like the first. You can try tactics, or you can just mash your way through enemies. A shame. I thought Levine and the crew would have learnt from this. Still, game looks pretty.

      Have you tried playing on 1999 difficulty yet? Might be a different story.

        Nope. Normal mode. Ive clocked 1.5 hrs so far. May restart over the long weekend on a more difficult level.

          I went straight into Hard, was challenging but not punishing by any measure so I wouldn't imagine Normal to pose any challenge for someone who has played an FPS before. I must say though, combat in Bioshock Infinite is one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had.

    I think, put money into vigours before guns. Guns run out of ammo waaaay too quickly. Very annoying to be fighting a handy man and having to try and pick up another gun or two.

    I wish they'd let you carry a pistol at all times. 2 guns only is arbitrary and needless.

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