Today's Xbox LIVE Games On Demand Deals Are Also Pretty Sweet...

I hope you guys and girls don't get too tired of me posting up the latest deals from the Xbox LIVE Games on Demand service, but there's a real novelty to the whole thing. Steam sales almost seem ubiquitous, but I can't remember a digital console service getting a series of deals quite like this. Hopefully it's the first of many.

Today it seems as though it's the turn of the fighters to get discounted, and there are some humdingers.

But if I had to choose one favourite, it would probably be Super Street Fighter IV for $9.95. Mainly because I feel like busting out the ludicrously expensive arcade stick I bought, but never use.

Anyway, the new deals are...

Mortal Kombat vs. DCU — $4.95 Street Fighter IV — $9.95 Street Fighter X Tekken — $19.95 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition — $9.95 Tekken 6 — $29.95 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 — $9.95 The King Of Fighters XIII — $4.95

Nothing quite as amazing as Max Payne 3 for $4.95, but still — some pretty good deals in there.

Thanks Mitch


    Can't figure out why Tekken Tag 2 is less than Tekken 6...oh well.

      Clearly because 6 > 2.

        Haven't played TT2, is it really?

        (6 does have that sweet walk-along-beat-em-up)

          I meant mathematically.

          Last edited 05/03/13 3:53 pm

    Picked up Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe and King Of Fighters XIII this morning.

    This is the last day of the sale isn't it?

    Last edited 05/03/13 3:43 pm

      i believe so.

        I thought so, I only intended on picking up Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X because you can't buy retail copies for 360, but I ended up getting 19 games. Only cost me about 100 bucks though so I'm pretty happy.

        I've only downloaded about four of them, the rest will have to wait till next month when my quota resets. I'll have to pick up a couple of 32GB flash drives too, my 60GB HDD is maxed out (only 1.1GB left).

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          Good afternoon friend. I might be wrong but I thought I would mention this to maybe save you some money. I think an Xbox 360 can only use a USB drive up to 16GB. I may be wrong, but for some reason your comment set off some alarm bells in my head.

            It used to be 16GB, but was upgraded to 32GB last year.


            Thanks for the concern though.

    Soooo upset, i updated my Xbox account to be linked with my WIN8 account about a week ago, and now its broken, i cant add M$ points, i cant buy anything from the stores, i couldnt even upgrade to a gold sub. (i only managed to get blops and Dirt using my left over M$ points)

    my account has picked up an email address out of thin air that i've never used and made it my default for security purposes, and apparenly M$ cant update it manually to be my correct Email untill it auto expires in a months time.

    as bad a Game as MK VS DC was, id still buy it for $5

    I ended up getting Dishonored and Peace Walker from the sales, pretty impressed, M$ doesnt usually dicount much, pissed off though that i didnt have enough for TTT2 though, $10 is an insane deal!

    Those were also on sale yesterday, the sale doesn't seem to be a day by day event. You can get them all (including MP3) at the link below.

      Also worth noting there's other games on there as well.

      Batman: Arkham Asylum - $9.95
      Fallout 3 - $4.95
      Max Payne 3 - $4.95
      Left 4 Dead 2 - $9.95
      MGS 2 AND 3 - $9.95
      MGS PW HD - $4.95
      The Orange Box - $9.95
      Civilization Revolution - $9.95

      If I remember correctly, the stuff on sale yesterday are on sale today because someone at Microsoft spent too long reducing the prices, so they're making it up by increasing the time those games are on sale.

        Not sure, all those games were on sale yesterday too.

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