Two PC Shooter Series Make The Jump To PlayStation 4

Sony announced today that indie shooters Blacklight: Retribution (above) and Primal Carnage, both already available on the PC, will also be turning up on the PlayStation 4 when the console is released later this year.

Like The Witness, these games will be self-published by developers Both Zombie Studios and Lukewarm Media respectively.

Also announced, rather quietly, is the fact that indie death simulator Limbo will also be appearing on a Sony console, with a Vita release due "later this year".


    Cool, good to see some strong support lining up for the ps4 in terms of FTP shooters.

      Assuming they are still going to be free to play...

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        Well... If it was free i would play it on ps4... If its not... Having played hours of the game on pc, I wont make a purchase. Purely cos I have it for free on pc...

          Just readed that it is going to be free on ps4 :

    I wonder if they will also bring planetside 2 Over?

      I think they will. The list of developers involved in the PS4 (that was shown at the conference) had Sony Online Entertainment.

    So to all the PC guys out there, is Blacklight any good? And does it have a strong community?

      I enjoy it some times, its solid enough to play and its free enough to try... The community... well, you can still get into a full game relatively easily... but to be honest, a lot of the more friendly and fun players left the game when it went onto steam and became flooded with ass holes that do nothing but bad mouth you as you play and rack up cheap kills... But they have mostly left now, so its all pretty good.

        Is it related to Blacklight Tango Down?

        If Sony is getting a slew of FTP PC Shooters (which are not FTP for me cuz my PC would need a drastic upgrade) then this will give them a big advantage next gen

          Yeah its the successor to Tango Down.
          Yeah it is worth it, the customization alone is awesome, maps aren't bad and most of the time the people are legit and just want to play the game and enjoy it but of course like all games there are knobs like outatime mentioned.
          The game will need a major UI overhaul to work on consoles but everything is still relatively intuitive and since its a fairly successful FTP game the updates or often ad plentiful.
          I highly recommend it.

            Good to hear, i dont really like Battlefield and i've grown really tired of cod and halo. The fps genre really needs new IP's now.

    How many a side is blacklight and any mention on how many players will be supported on ps4? If we don't start getting 32 or 64 per side on the new consoles.. errr what's the point

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