Two Thirds Of You Played Mass Effect 3 As A Paragon. Mostly As Soldiers

Most of you who played Mass Effect 3 are just too nice. You were paragons. I was a renegade. Most of you played as a male commander Shepard. I played as a female. But just about all of us cured the genophage.

All that and more are detailed in a fascinating batch of Mass Effect 3 stats released by BioWare during the studio's Mass Effect retrospective panel at PAX East.

Take a look at the date. How did your experience compare?


    Does anybody feel these games might be more fun if all of the options of all classes where available to you? Or at least if you could upgrade your character as you went to get a larger variety of powers rather than some being permanently locked off due to your class choice?

    I've only played 1 and about a third of 2 so far, so I more than likely don't know what I'm talking about. But unless you're doing multiple playthroughs, it's a bit sad to not have access to some of the cool abilities and weapons that the other classes get. I like sniper rifles AND biotic powers AND that cool charge attack that Vanguards get. Why can't I have it all?

    I did soldier in 1, Adept and then Vanguard in 2 (Restarted as Vanguard - I wasn't enjoying only using pistols and powers as Adept).

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    @puck In a way some of that will be resolved in ME3 as there are no weapon restrictions based on class - you can take any weapons you want but the weight of the weapons you carry: eg a heavy sniper rifle + assasult rifle will result in much slower power cooldowns then if you were carrying a pistol + SMG.

    In regards to power mixing - nope sorry it dosen't happen except for the bonus power you can get in ME2 and ME3 for squad loyalty - that is the only power that breaks the class mould.

    It sounds like you will have a better time in ME3 in regards to classes + gameplay so you have that to look forward to :)

      Ah cool, sounds good. I'm still loving ME2, but I really miss my sniper rifle.

      It's funny, choosing a class is standard in heaps of RPGs and I've never had a problem with those restrictions before. I normally choose a magic-user type class and never really regret that I'm missing out on stealth or sword options, but for some reason, the loss of abilities has been really noticeable for me in Mass Effect.

    Mass Effect 3 had more on the line, so the choice between Paragon and Renegade wasn't as simple as the typical good vs evil choice in other BioWare games. If throwing a guy through a window meant saving a character you've known through the entire series, or gathering more war effort resources, then it was harder to choose the Paragon path just for the sake of it.
    As bad as the final 15 minutes was the game really pulled you into the events going on.

    The real interesting stat to me is the 4% beating Insane mode. That seems really low to me and I've got to wonder if it's due to the hardcore fans abandoning the game after their first playthrough. I'd really love to see the same stats for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2.

      Yeh.. I picked this up cheap and started playing this weekend just gone.. I'm finding the game quite good.. and as all the 0 out of 10 reviews state.. the game is awesome until the end.. well I'll just continue to enjoy the awesome until the end.. *shrugs*..

    I'm curious as to how the stats for the final decision stack up

    I'm baffled as to why so many people choose Soldier class.

      I chose soldier all the way back in ME1 because I felt it was the class that best suited Shepard from a RP point of view, I wanted to play the game as a shooter and not a space mage and because I liked having all weapons available to me. I stuck with that class with the next two games for RP reasons and because I liked how it played.

        Fair enough, I forgot about the weapon restrictions in the first game (haven't played it in years). I just thought it was so much cooler to be able to play around with powers; lifting enemies up and watching them float around helplessly, or sending attack drones after them.

          It's funny. Way back when I started the first game, I thought I was choosing "the road less travelled" with the soldier class.

      I picked soldier because I didn't like any of those biotic abilities, they really didn't work for how I felt the game was wanting me to play (that being a 3rd person cover based shooter). The engineering abilities I felt were better suited to a teammate (I almost always had Tali as one of my team).

    Haha no-one likes Kaiden.
    AlsoShooting Mordin? Did not even know that was a thing.

      I'm genuinely surprised that Ashley has so much higher a survival rate. I understand that most people didn't like Kaidan as much as I did (He was Jacquie Shepards paramour for the duration of the series), but the decision between he and Ashley was 50/50 and she was pretty unpleasant, at least initially.

        Yeah she kinda was (though she got better) but Kaidan annoyed me right off the bat and I actually did not like Liara in the first game so Ashley it was for romancing at the time.

          I never liked Liara much. She probably got the second least use out of any of my team after Ashley, despite being part of it throughout the three games.

        I didn't dislike Kaidan or like Ashley, but I let him die because he'd been the first to volunteer for the suicide mission. He knew what he was getting into, he was the one expected to die and it didn't seem fair to let Ash die after that. If Ashley had been the one to step forward first in the game I expect I would have let her die.

    @Jo, you can shoot Mordin...

    All you have to do is not warn him about the sabotage on the Shroud. He will then find out by himself and you'll then have the option to shoot him.

    Beating mass effect 2 on the hardest difficulty as a sentinel was the most annoying thing I've ever done while playing the trilogy.

    64.5% paragon to 35.5% renegade is co-incidentally about what I ended up with with my own decisions.

    Kinda surprised there aren't more "saved Quarians only" choices.

      i saved the geth because i felt what the quarians did was wrong that did cost me Tali which was hard as i liked her a lot but she got all genocidey on me with trying to wipe out a sentient race

        I never dealt with Legion as a player character, so my game probably played out a bit differently to that of most other people.

        For those who didn't make the logical decision to not activate some unknown robot in the AI core of the Normandy it went something like this:
        When you fight through the Geth ship that's stopping the Quarians from joining the battle, you find Legion strapped into a machine that's stopping the Flotilla. Freeing him shuts down the machine. He then tags along with you for the remainder of the mission and comes back to the Normandy. Pretty much right after that I had the mission where you fight and kill the Reaper with the laser pointer thing. Legion comes out afterwards and says he wants to use the Reaper power to upgrade the other Geth, who're fighting the Quarians. Tali says that that will result in Quarians being wiped out. I tell Legion "No dice, buddy", he gets belligerent. Tali stabs him in the back, I pop a couple of bullets in his head for good measure and we go home for celebratory pancakes.

    Interesting. I am annoyed at how low Kaidan's popularity is because I reckon he's heaps better than Ashley. That said, since the majority of people chose ManShep and Kaidan is dead by default if you start with that in ME2, it makes a certain amount of sense.

    Also, geth as most popular choice? Interesting.

    how do you save both the geth and the quarians?

      There is a point system based on how you complete the preceding missions on Rannoch. Also their are carry over decisions from ME2 (maybe ME1 not sure) that boost the points needed to save both. A high Paragon or Renegade rating is also required. Last bit shouldn't be an issue for those importing characters.

    Its strange. All through my several playthroughs of ME2 i kept telling myself i want my ME1 crew back. But when i got Kaiden/Ash and Liara back as full timers in 3, i wanted to replace them with my ME2 squad....

    I bought ME3 over a year ago and still havent finished it. I will one day, i just need to get over the fact that it isnt as good as the first 2.

      I thought it was just as good as the first two (up until the end of course).

      I thought 2 was by far the best though.

    I don't' remember a shootout on the Citadel with Garrus.

    Also, Renegade FTW! You bleeding hearts and your paragon choices, I don't know!

      It was something that happened if you chose to romance him.
      You both go to a place on the Citadel, shot at some bottles to see who was a better shot. You could choose to miss, presumably to make him feel better about himself. Or something.

        You just need to have earned his loyalty in the second Mass Effect. No need to romance him.

    Was soldier in 1, Infiltrator in 2 and 3. Femshep all the way! Staring at her sexy butt for all 3 eps.

    What I want from the next mass effect is more interactivity with large sand boxes\ open worlds. Charater building needs to be top notch like ME1. :)

    Renegade Fem-shep is the way to go. I can't stand the male voice actor. I just wished they gave Fem-shep her own animations; seeing her walk around manly as fuck looks pretty strange.

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