Ubisoft Is Making A New Might & Magic Game That *Isn't* A Puzzler

I have a strange relationship with Might & Magic — it's almost as I fell through the cracks. When I was young and dumb it was an RPG-type thing on PC and Amiga. I tried to play it as a kid because it reviewed so highly in the magazines I read, but it was just too complicated for my flaccid young brain to comprehend. Before I knew it, Might & Magic had puzzled itself up on the DS, and I was even more confuzzled.

Now Ubisoft has announced Might & Magic X: Legacy, a game which is set to re-establish Might & Magic as the RPG series it was once known as. It's running under the tagline, "Old School, New Rules" which could mean... anything really, but I'm interested to see precisely how Ubisoft tries to reinterpret what is, as the trailer above states, a pretty old school type of game. You'd imagine Ubisoft would want to hit a broad audience with this one, or maybe it intends to go super niche.

Either way, the trailer doesn't give much away. Apparently the game is showing at PAX East which, coincidentally, is where I will be tomorrow — so stay tuned for more information. I should be getting the chance to play it at some point over the weekend. I wonder if my brain is now big enough to understand...


    I had to join a support group to stop playing Might & Magic on the DS.

      For such a simple game, teh muliplayer is incredibly frustrating and rewarding.

    I was actually thinking to myself a few days ago about how weird the lack of a proper Might and Magic game recently was. Wow, that previous sentence is terrible.

    Anyway, hope it retains the weird "you're actually in a sci-fi setting, not a fantasy one" that the old games had.

    All I have to say is.. It's about fucking time!!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they make it even equally as good as Legend of Grimrock, I'll be happy! If it's better.. well.. you probably wont hear from me for a while after I get my hands on it! ;)

    If only it wasn't being developed by Ubisoft...

      I'm sure we can all look forward to plenty of uPlay in-game bonuses.
      Yo dawg, I heard you like overlays.

      (I didn't think it possible, but I may actually hate uPlay as much as Origin. Awyeah, Steam, load me up some of that Far Cry 3 hotn-- no, no, don't load uPlay, load Far Cry!)

      Last edited 22/03/13 6:38 pm

    Great News. People should note there is 'Heroes of Might and Magic', and 'Might and Magic'. Both are different game play. MM9 is one of my all time favorite games.

    Now what could they get wrong?
    1. Making the game restrictive so as to run on consoles
    2. Not taking inspiration and scope from the older games
    3. Not considering it for a Linux, Mac and Windows release on the likes of Steam or Ubuntu Software Centre, as well as boxed versions
    4. Pushing the game out unfinished
    5. Not having good controls and abilities

    If exclusively a download release, then also sending people the box or dvd-inlay, manual and disc through post.

    hope it doesnt flop like MnM Online, all the ones before it were awesome

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