Unofficial Mock-Up Shows What Wind Waker Could Look Like On The Wii U

Unofficial Mock-Up Shows What Wind Waker Could Look Like On The Wii U

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is coming to the Wii U this fall, but some people just can’t wait that long. The folks at cubed3tv have devised this mock-up to show how the cartoony Zelda game could play on the Wii U GamePad.

The real version is a total graphical remake, so it will likely look nothing like this, but still, it’s fun to imagine.


  • Dislike the idea of moving/aiming with the touch screen. Worked in PH because the action was all on the touch screen and in a much more flat world.
    I also hope they largely discard rolling (though it was pretty smooth on Wind Waker) and bring back sprinting, it just felt so much better.
    But nice mock up none the less.

  • On a side note, did anyone here use the Tingle Tuner feature of Wind Waker? I’m hoping it might return in some form when the HD version is released…

      • I definitely liked the convenience of being able to buy things off Tingle whenever, reading rather funny conversations, and getting a nice amount of rupees as well from the Tingle statues.

  • I think it would be great if the HD remake supported gamepad and wii motion plus. While I think it would be awesome to play the game using the gamepad as a secondary screen and tingle tuner, I loved the control scheme in skyward sword, and I feel that anything not using motion control would feel like a step backwards. I feel the item wheel in skyward sword solved the item switch problem as you could select items on the fly.

    • The problem with that is that Skyward Sword was built from the ground up thinking about motion control, where Wind Waker was not. The game would have to be substantially rebuilt to properly incorporate the motion control we saw in SS. And the item wheel in SS worked, but there were far fewer items in SS than there were in WW.

      • I had to check with a wiki but WW only had one more assignable item than SS assuming I classified them correctly. In terms of just items available, SS to my knowledge has surpassed every Zelda out there, except maybe OoT?

        Any ways, back on topic, super stoked about the HD remake. I was one of those who raised eyebrows when it was first shown too, but grew to love the style. Loved the seemingly endless ocean, hated the triforce hunt.

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