Want An Ace Attorney Collection For The 3DS? 'Hang In There'

The Ace Attorney series was as good a reason as any to pick up a DS back in the day but now, with a new Ace Attorney in the works for the 3DS, wouldn't it be great if there was some sort of Ace Attorney DS Collection? One that allows people to play catch up on the series? I don't know why I phrased that as a question. Of course it would be great.

And it seems as though Capcom USA Senior VP, Christian Svensson agrees. In response to a question posed on Ask Capcom, Svensson stated that he has been chasing down the idea of an Ace Attorney collection for the past two years. Seems as though the guy doesn't have too much sway, however, since nothing has been announced or confirmed as of yet.

"I have proposed this many times over the past two years... no news yet though," Svensson wrote. "Hang in there."

'Hang in there'. What does that mean? Does that mean we'll actually see an Ace Attorney 3DS collection at some point? Or does it mean precisely nothing at all.

Here's hoping it's the former.

Via Siliconera


    And even if it does appear at some stage... whether or not it makes it to Australia is another story.

    [/still waiting for T&T]

    (yes I do know imports work on DS, I just haven't gotten around to grabbing that one yet)

      Interesting how Trials and Tribulations came out for the Wii in Australia but not the DS...

    This is Capcom we're talking about. They'll probably do what they did on the DS and release enhanced editions of each game separately if they do anything at all.

      I heard* they were releasing a cart of each game that locks out about 75% of the content, which will be unlocked as day one DLC.

      *In my imaginimation

        Sounds about right.

          They have also come up with the wholly original idea of replacing all the Ace Attorney characters with Street Fighter ones.

    What ever hsppened to that Ace Attorney collection on iOs?

    I ended up buy T & T while on holidays in US/Canada. Even then I had to chase the damn thing done. With the region locking of the 3DS, makes me nervous of these games not making the jump to Aus.

    I'm looking at you Harvest Moon: New Begininng

    I had to chase down most of my Ace Attorney collection, Trials and Tribulations being the most hard to find and expensive, but with region locking and the lack of support for PAL region I fear I will never see Layton vs Ace or the new 3DS Ace Attorney game.

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