Want The 'Best Looking' PC Game? That Would Be Metro: Last Light, Apparently

Gameplay may trump graphics, but that doesn't stop us ogling that latest engines and tech demos from Crytek, Epic Games and even NVIDIA. 4A Games' Metro 2033 is definitely up there in the visual stakes and according to the developer, Metro: Last Light will be the "one of, it not the best looking" PC game of its generation.

Speaking with Eurogamer's Martin Robinson, producer Huw Beynon spoke highly of Last Light's graphical prowess, going as far as to say that when it is released (which should be mid-May, if dates hold), it'll visually outshine everything else on PS3, Xbox 360 and indeed, the PC:

"If someone asks me are we doing a next-gen version — well, yes we are. It's the PC. We're one of the few studios out there that have a proven piece of tech that's built for high-end PCs. I firmly believe that the PC version of Metro: Last Light is one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy, period, at the moment. We're still proud of how we've managed to adapt that for the current generation of consoles."

Now, it's not unusual for a developer to extol the awesome aspects of their upcoming game, to the point of ludicrousness. However, 4A Games has already shown it can craft great visuals and like GSC Game World and its S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, it has an enduring love of the PC as a platform.

So yes, I'm willing to go along with 4A for the ride and while May is still a few months out, it could very well be the cream of the 3D visuals crop when it is released.

Metro: Last Light "one of, if not the best looking game you can actually buy" [Eurogamer]


    People raved about the last one having amazing graphics. I didn't think so.

      Did you play on a console or a crap pc like a pleb?

        Yeah, I played on max and thought it looked quite crap actually.

          Agreed, settings to the max and I thought it was rather unimpressive.

      have it on pc, played it on max settings, gotta say the physx and lighting effects are crazy, but it wasnt all that impressive

      Do you want to enlighten us with all the games you think have superior graphics? It was released three years ago ... you want to point out just one game that looked better in 2010?

    It does look gorgeous, though.

    I dunno what amazing graphical games people above are playing but Metro 2033 does have amazing graphics especially compared to other games of its time and from the previews of Last Light it looks to definitely be up among the best looking games coming out this year.

      Agreed, Metro was actually pretty well off in the graphics department, don't know what games these blokes have been playing but I want some.

    Metro 2033 currently and previously needs a multi gpu configuration to max out, and is still being used as a benchmark till this day. ( multi gpu until titan that is) it was and still is one of the best looking dx11 titles out there. I'm looking forward to metro last light.
    I played metro 2033 on 2 gtx 480s sc in sli three years ago
    Now I have a gtx 690 to maximize this game, I can't wait!

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